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Author: Andy H Submitted: 13th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 119

Edited By Andy H on 8/15/2003

The Future Publishing magazine staff have an edition of .net to finish, but it's a hot sunny day and they want to go to the beach. As boss and all round super guy / gal you've got to keep your staff in check and stop them escaping , the only problem is they have resorted to jumping out of the windows with fatal consequences! But never fear, your trusty pillow will save them.

Select the hero who will save the day, then use the cursor keys to move and catch the jumping staff on your pillow. Press the SHIFT key to turn around. The game is split up into editions, each getting harder. If all staff are splatted on the pavement the game is over. Good luck!

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Posted by CYS 15th August, 2003

It looks weird...
Posted by Andy H 15th August, 2003

It's a very strange game, but one based upon those bomb drop games, you know where a stream of bombs fall down. I thought it would be funny to put some faces on the bombs and make them jump out of the windows instead...and had a laugh making all the sound effects..."wheeee", "freedom" ... :)
Posted by CYS 15th August, 2003

I think that of all the games you've sumitted, this is the best. Though it is really weird.
Posted by Kris 15th August, 2003

http://.net < not an url :P
Posted by ChrisB 15th August, 2003

Blimey! So it isn't. I like the game, it looks & plays very nice, but you forgot to reset the score after the end of the game...
Posted by ChrisB 15th August, 2003

Oh, and you can't access the game from the Downloads page because of the DC's stupid url catching system.
Posted by Andy H 15th August, 2003

Yes I noticed the .net was causing havock in the name. Thanks about the score problem- will fix that.
Posted by UF Comtec 16th August, 2003






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