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Echo the Mouse - Cheesy Capers
Author: Andy H Submitted: 9th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 313
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Echo the mouse loves cheese. In this game collect all the cheese on the level. As you complete a screen, it will build up to be a little bigger. When all the cheese on all the screens has been eaten you can move onto the next level.
To start a game press the start game button at the bottom of the screen. If you have reached a higher level already, you can click the restart level button to start playing from there.

To control Echo use the cursor keys. Shift will make echo jump. You can climb up or down some things by pressing a direction. The Ctrl key will activate switches.

Watch out for many hidden surprises, not everything is as it seems!

Good luck mousey!

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Posted by Evil Monkey 12th September, 2003

I remember this game from the V-Cade! I just wish you included more levels.
Posted by istvan 13th September, 2003

nice game, but sometimes when you die youll restart in an ememies path and dies instantly
Posted by Jonny 16th September, 2003

screenies r a bit small
Posted by )Daniel_Fyren( 20th September, 2003

Neat! I like the game. I found one bug; If u repeat pressing the down button and the press just. The the game makes and jump sound but no jump.
Posted by Kramy 21st September, 2003

Unfortunately, is one of those Internet Explorer Only sites. :(
Posted by Andy H 22nd September, 2003

Tested and works in Opera 7, Netscape 6 and all versions of IE. Have tested in Netscape 4 but you must be made if you want to use that. Don't know what you are going on about being IE only sites, you'll have to give more details. Pulsecode - always a pleasure ;)
Posted by Andy H 22nd September, 2003

*note "You must be mad if you want to use that"
Posted by Ly 23rd September, 2003

Nice game.
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd September, 2003

Posted by Ly 24th September, 2003

Make you think about how you need to compete a level. The way the screen builds up with each stage is good, you have to plan your trips.
Posted by Jason Orme 24th September, 2003

Pulsecode, i mean, the actully level design itself is good, the way its presented and set out. bugs are bugs, shouldnt conflict with level design.
Posted by Andy H 24th September, 2003

That is intentional actually and not a design fault. On Level 2 if you take the wrong path at the start of the level, you fall down - you can climb up the chain (did you know that?) but you can't get that last you loose a life and learn what route you must take to get that cheese! So after loosing a life you start at the top again and can try to put some thought into what you need to do ;) Maybe you should take more time to play and observe? Your comments suggest you played it once or twice and gave up. I'm not saying it is fantastic level design, but it is not thoughtless ;) I know of no bugs, but would be happy to look at any if you can give me some basic steps to reproduce. You are welcome to email me at with the details. There is one slightly dodgy part on level two, sometimes upon collecting the last cheese near the conveyor belt you can find yourself a little close to the Rat that appears in the next stage. The game starts off easy on level 1 and gets harder in level 2 and onwards. It wouldn't be much fun if it was just a case of collecting cheese on each level would it? It's just a small fun game, which you can still get the cca source from the v-cade! where it used to be hosted when it was a Vitalize game. If you don't enjoy it, fair enough, I will not twist your arm to play it :)
Posted by Wormware 24th September, 2003

Nice game. It think it's a bit hard. Esspecially when you need to restart. It isn't fun to start all over but the game is nice! Keep up the good work. I like it Thumbs up! (y)
Posted by Andy H 25th September, 2003

If you don't like the game Pulsecode, fair enough. I asked if you found any bugs to let me know via email, but I guess you are after some attention. Yes, intentional. The first one is mean of me I know, if you can't hack it I don't see why you are getting very upset about it. The second, well mate, you are completely trapped for a reason...think, it's not that hard to work out. If you are not able to see that, I guess you'll have to try to force yourself to press that X button instead of coming back to the game you hate so much ;) BTW, you can press Q to quit if you stuff up and there is a level restart button to get back to the start of the highest level you reached. Wormware: Thanks for your comments.
Posted by Andy H 25th September, 2003

Glad we understand each other.
Posted by Ly 26th September, 2003

Pulsecode it reads this end like you are trolling and looking to keep bringing up how much you don't like it. Andy, I would suggest you put in a commit suicide type of feature so you can loose a life and restart the level if you get stuck. In general though thumbs up.
Posted by eyeangle 4th October, 2003

too hard
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 5th October, 2003

could you maybe update it with a "kill yourself" button?
Posted by ChrisB 7th October, 2003

I liked this on the v-cade, I just kept running out of time on one of the later levels :'(
Posted by Fabian Jansen 9th October, 2003

Very nice !





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