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Ovine Lander
Author: Andy H Submitted: 4th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 252

Edited By Andy H on 9/4/2003

A remake of Lunar Lander, but with an ovine flavour. Can you navigate the caves? Guide your lander to each landing base. Make sure you have a gentle touch down otherwise you'll crash. Tip: use short, controlled bursts of thrust and let gravity help you!

There are currently three caves, green, yellow and red and nine difficulty settings - enough to challenge anyone. Green level is quite easy, but does contain some difficult landings. The red level is hard from the word go and also has a volcano to contend with. Yellow has some special suprises

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Posted by Rott bott 4th September, 2003

As far as i can tell, the music and sound is nice. I can't see much, because the screen gets all messed up when i start it! It'd be great if you fixed it!
Posted by Rott bott 4th September, 2003

Sorry! My fault! I had my screen on 16bit mode... Really great game! expect a review soon...
Posted by Andy H 4th September, 2003

Thanks Philip. I have now added two extra caves which should hopefully add a nice challenge if the green cave becomes to easy. Each cave has one or two unique suprises in it :)
Posted by Death Reaper X 4th September, 2003

Lol well I went on the downloading thing and I found it a bit hard to actually read the confirmation code. I copied it but it was invalid. :)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 4th September, 2003

i can stay in a perfect up angle and land with 1 pixel a second and it still crashes.. ?
Posted by Keatonian 5th September, 2003

Yeah...It seems too easy to crash. Running Headfirst into a wall, of course you crash, but I have landed many times and exploded.
Posted by Andy H 5th September, 2003

If you are unsure of a code, just press refresh and it will give you a new one. Sorry, but we need to protect our dl links. It is a hard game to play at first, as is the original Lunar Lander, but believe it or not this version is much easier! The trick is to get both feet on the ground and landing platform. Come in very slow and use some thrust to keep your vertical speed down. You can be moving left or right a little, as long as your vertical speed is not too high and both feet touch down safely. Remember also that you can touch the scenary a little, its your crafts body that you must keep off the grass ;) Jsut remember be gentle and patient ... once you get the idea of landing, all landings are easy - they are just in difficult places (especially in the yellow and red caves). I've had some hard core Lunar Lander players report back that it was a little too easy on the first version, which is why I added more caves. OH! And use difficulty level 1 (or press space to start). If you go for 5 it will be hard, 9 and you need to be bloody good! ;)
Posted by Andy H 5th September, 2003

Have added a little video showing how I land on a couple of landing areas: It's about 600k zipped. Quality not superb, but it is clear enough to see how to land without crashing. :)
Posted by Weston L 5th September, 2003

Great game
Posted by Strife 6th September, 2003

Cool. How did you make the background scroll independantly? You know, that sense of depth. I can never get that in any of my games' backgrounds.
Posted by Andy H 6th September, 2003

System Background Object - and a simple trick Tigerworks discovered with them :)
Posted by Strife 7th September, 2003

Tell me more!! :) Me likey! :D
Posted by Evil Monkey 7th September, 2003

In this game, you move way too slow, taking the fun out of the whole game. Also, when I tried to land, it told me I could lift off again but I blew up. I only needed to play the game for 15 seconds before I knew it needed work.
Posted by Andy H 7th September, 2003

I haven't been able to replicate the crash - only if you land in an awkward place where there is something above you ;) your choices here are to land more carefully or to turn around after take off and apply careful thrust to try to avoid the impending crash :D. The speed - try a higher difficulty setting. Thanks for your comments though, it seems everyone else likes it but I guess you can't please everyone.
Posted by Kramy 12th September, 2003

Ahh, I download it and the installer crashes from an illegal opperation...
Posted by Kramy 12th September, 2003

Oh, found out why. Only 3.82kb of the installer will let itself be downloaded.
Posted by Strife 20th September, 2003

Where is the System Background Object???? Tellmetellmetellmetellme!!! :D
Posted by Shen 21st September, 2003

With MMF 1.5
Posted by Shen 21st September, 2003

And it's background system object





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