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Author: Andy H Submitted: 24th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 281

IMOGEN is an animated adventure game in sixteen sections; Each section contains a number of puzzles based on a particular theme. It is not possible to be killed off although the number of times you can change character has been limited. The number of permitted changes is given at the top-right of the screen.

Your objective is to solve the puzzle in each level and retrieve the spell fragment. Once you have all sixteen spell fragments, you can combine them together and use the spell to complete the game.

Background story:

When the townspeople of Egmain were besieged by a monstrous firebreathing dragon they called for the assistance of Imogen, a local wizard with powers of metamorphosis. Responding to their pleas, he transformed himself into a dragon even more powerful than the real one. The monster was quickly destroyed but the strain of the transformation was so great that when Imogen returned to his normal state, his mind snapped. He forgot his friendship to the townspeople and used his power to destroy their crops, burn their houses and fill the sky with black clouds so that the town was in permanent night. After a few weeks of this, a spokesman set forth to seek the advice of the greatest and wisest wizard in the land.

When the Great Wizard had heard the story he said, "This insanity will pass, but until that time he must be imprisoned. I shall design a cave to hold him and your craftsmen will construct it in the mountain that overlooks the town." "How will we know when to release him?" asked the spokesman. "He will free himself when the time is right. I shall provide the spell for his release and split it in twain four times. The sixteen pieces
will then be placed within the cavern and the route to each guarded by a
test of stamina and intelligence. Only when he is fully recovered will he be able to retrieve the entire spell and set himself free".

And so the cavern was constructed, and with the Great Wizard's help, Imogen was secured within the first section, ready to begin his quest for freedom.

Quick start controls:

All keys can be redefined from the options screen, the default keys are:

Z and X to move. Return Key for action (use object, jump, climb etc).

The cursor keys allow you to select icons and the SPACEBAR to activate the current icon.

The game is pretty easy to play and control, but you will have to think through a few puzzles - they are not all easy and you may need to use some cartoon logic solving

The game is a remake of an old BBC Micro game by Michael St Aubyn. We have tried to remake it as closely as possible to the original and have updated the sound and graphics, but retained the puzzles and gameplay. It is an easy game to play, but you must learn how to complete all the levels effeciently if you wish to be able to complete the game. You only have 150 points of magic, which can quickly be eaten up as you transform from character to character...use them wisely!

We would like to thank Michael for giving us permission to remake this game and providing support along the way. Our website contains scans of the design notes Michael sent us and also more information about our remake.

We hope you enjoy the game.

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Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 26th December, 2003

Nice Work!
Posted by 26th December, 2003

Add a .zip download, I won't play it just because I have to install.
Posted by Simen 27th December, 2003

Yeah, I hate installers!! (okay, it's not THAT bad...)
Posted by Pixalatio 27th December, 2003

um... for me when the first level starts imogen just keeps falling off the bottom and re-appearing
Posted by Andy H 27th December, 2003

You have not got 24-bit colour mode by any chance have you?
Posted by 27th December, 2003

Wow, really cool game. The desing of puzzles are GOOD!!!
Posted by matrixkitty 27th December, 2003

add a zip no more installers! add a zip no more installers! looks good but how about a zip version?
Posted by Cazra 27th December, 2003

slow download. 8mb.....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.......
Posted by Astral_86 27th December, 2003

Hey I really want to play this game but the installer says "contains invalid data" :'( Please make it so you can download WITHOUT a f*cking installer! :P
Posted by Cazra 27th December, 2003

what?! "installer contains invalid data" Grrr....The installer is laughing at me...8mb.... *blows blazing fireballs at the installer.The installer bursts up in flames.*Hahaha! Put it in a zip!
Posted by Andy H 27th December, 2003

For a few days, you can download a zip version from this address: Will probably disappear after that though. Hope you have luck downloading this verion.
Posted by Shen 27th December, 2003

It quits after 12 seconds of quitting time, why?
Posted by Andy H 27th December, 2003

You mean the Alt+F4 or Exit option on the main menu? We just show the credits at the end for a few seconds. Do you think we should allow you to press ESC to exit this early? Also on the falling through floors bug someone here has reported. We have found that if your Windows desktop is set to 256 colours, that you may not get put into 32 or 16 bit colour mode which the game requires. We are not sure why, but will try to fix it. This may also affect people who have their desktop set at 24-bit colour. We have not got a gfx card that supports the old 24-bit mode, so have not been able to test this. If you experience the falling through floors problem, set your desktop colour depth to 16-bit or 32-bit colour and try running the game again. This should sort out the problem for you.
Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2003

Great game! I think this is very well made and I don't see why people are complaining about installers. The download was fast and the game plays very nicely. How did you do those morphing effects in Jamagic? O.o However, the only thing I don't like is that I can't skip the credits screen, which is very annoying.
Posted by Dr. James MD 27th December, 2003

i havnt downloaded yet but installers REALLY annoy me. just slows me right down
Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2003

Okay, installers can sometimes cut down on file size, making it less to download. They look more professional too. Every single professional company uses installers, not zips. Duh... Besides, what if someone was trotting along and found a zip file, which they knew nothing about?
Posted by Andy H 27th December, 2003

The animation in the morphing was done with Animation shop (part of Paint Shop) and then a blended fade from one to the other. You could do the same in MMF. I can't see the problem with installers, for most people it helps to get the game ont he computer with least fuss, plus the START menu icons, but I understand why you like it all in a zip too. Hope that link to the zip is good for you.
Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2003

I'm stuck at the beginning of Saxophobia. The mice throw the ball way too fast for me to get through.
Posted by Andy H 27th December, 2003

Hi Voodoo - tried to send you a mail but it bounced back. When you climb a rope, while holding ENTER to climb, also hold Z or X and you will stop climbing. Release Z or X (while still holding ENTER) and you will climb up again. This may help :)
Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2003

I tried. I waited at a certain place until the ball passed over my head. Either I go too late or too early. It's incredibly difficult. Does this have anything to do with the performance of my computer?
Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2003

Wow, I was recording a video to send to you, and apparently, I got lucky! I beat Saxophobia! Thanks anyways.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 27th December, 2003

this is fun. Installers are better than Zips imo. Why would anyone put a computer in 32 bit color mode, that's more than the human eye can see, unless you are all aliens ;). So i recomend putting it in 16 bit color mode.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 27th December, 2003

forgot to mention, why is there tnt in that one level, you don't need it.
Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2003

Amnesiasoft, I thought you had to scoop up the tnt stuff into a dish and use that to blow up the plank but maybe you discovered a bug... Anyways, I completed the game. :) I am really looking forward to seeing more of your Jamagic games. :)
Posted by Andy H 28th December, 2003

32-bit mode is really 24-bit +8bit alpha. true 24-bit modes are not really used these days, you will not be able to use it on modern graphics cards. In 32-bit, the graphics colour range is better so you will notice smoothness in the graphics, especially on the title screen. However, 16-bit can be faster on some machines and once you are in the game you will not notice any difference anyway.
Posted by AfterStar 28th December, 2003

I'm stuck at one level where's a FROG,i tried EVERYTHING to catch him,but from behind i can't reach him and from front of him i can't get because he sees me and jumps to the other side! Can you please give me the solution?The frog is frustating!
Posted by Tina Petersen 28th December, 2003

Controllings are to weird for me!
Posted by Shen 28th December, 2003

AS: Climb up to the top, down the other side and the frog will run away. Turn into a cat and jump to the other side there, it's a hard jump.
Posted by Evil Monkey 28th December, 2003

Tina, you can change the controls in the Options screen.
Posted by matrixkitty 28th December, 2003

thanks andy for the zipped version im downloading right now will reply when download is done
Posted by matrixkitty 28th December, 2003

pure genious! great fun! 9/10
Posted by StuC 28th December, 2003

If you want to skip the credits - Press ESCAPE.
Posted by Andy H 28th December, 2003

New version 1.02 is now online. Fixes the bugs reported.
Posted by walter06 29th December, 2003

One of the best game I ever played in my life in the Lost Vicking and Gobliins style (and I didn't know the original Imogen). THANK YOU ANDY H!!!!!!
Posted by X Member-453 29th December, 2003

Posted by laguna 29th December, 2003

very very nice work
Posted by Billy 30th December, 2003

Wow. What fun. This is an excellent game. I consider it commercial quality. \o/ Billy
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th January, 2004

YES! Imogen's finished! Dowloading immediately...






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