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Chinese are Dangerous
Author: Beppo Submitted: 24th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'em up Downloads: 121

Edited By Beppo on 10/26/2003

Edited By Beppo on 10/24/2003

From the "Bepposoft's Educative Collection", here it is Chinese are Dangerous. It is a game for the younger clickers.
The theme is mostly a math lesson: additions and multiplications, but in particular subtractions and divisions.

Make it a Christmas gift for your little cousin.

Remember: Red for the Blue. Blue for the Yellow. Yellow for the Red. Violet for anyone.


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Posted by TatoGame 24th October, 2003

This Game is Fantastic! I Hate Chinese >:D
Posted by Blackgaze 24th October, 2003

if it was japan people are Dangerous you should have Pikachus running about and killing them
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 24th October, 2003

yeah, ah well. . . . BTW, the line was one of the best games ever made!
Posted by Smeggy 24th October, 2003

"if it was japan people" ? WTF? - its: "if they were japanese people" DUH! :P
Posted by Robert100chat 24th October, 2003

Hey jon why u picking on spiderhead
Posted by Blackgaze 24th October, 2003

Forget it Robert, Jon always does that.
Posted by Klikmaster 24th October, 2003

addictions? u mean addition?
Posted by Tom 24th October, 2003

Jon was just correcting Spiderhead's grammar. ;)
Posted by Pete Nattress 24th October, 2003

seems a tad racist to me, but i think i'll let that pass unless i get any complaints. fun game, although i have nothing against the chinese.
Posted by gustav 24th October, 2003

hoho. played a cruddy little game called elemental panic crash?
Posted by aaron_brammer 24th October, 2003

hmmm, this is fun and well made, dont know why racist subject matter was chosen though
Posted by Teapot 24th October, 2003

AAAAAAAAAARGH!! Pete will use his new powers to destroy us. Corrupted by his own power...CAN NO LEADER GO UNTAINTED?!?
Posted by Felix 25th October, 2003

I find this game very offensive... as my mum is chinese.... ! :mad:
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 25th October, 2003

Gustav: I liked Elemental Panic Crash. Damien M: You watch too much cartoon network ;)
Posted by Binoz 25th October, 2003

Why you hate chinese people??!
Posted by Toad 25th October, 2003

Racist game = Geek Game
Posted by Monkey Soft 25th October, 2003

I don't think this is racism... it's just madness... good game Beppo :P
Posted by jpSoul 25th October, 2003

Hem, which said Toad is true, it is a racist game, therefore it is rotted ! ~~~~ Message translated into English with Google! :)
Posted by CYS 25th October, 2003

You shouldn't use chinese, but some other race you make up... I'm a chinese, just to let you know. I'm not against this game, just to let you know. :)
Posted by Spram 25th October, 2003

I dont know if to find it offensive since Beppo's signature looks like some chinese-italian.
Posted by Teapot 25th October, 2003

foreign jokes arent racist, they just have no sense of humour about themselves. I wouldn't mind if it was called "The Australians are Evil" (im aussie)
Posted by Fatace 25th October, 2003

racism should not be a part of gaming
Posted by Beppo 26th October, 2003

Oh, I'm not racist, and the idea for the game is came from a chinese friend of me... Well... In some games you kill aliens... In some others russians... In these chinese... What's the problem?? No, nothing against chinese :D Elemental panic crash, i love that game! Yes, I took from it the colours idea... Hem... If i would made the credits in the game, I would insert it as the "inspiration"...
Posted by Galaxy613 27th October, 2003

don't know why everyone thinks this is 'racist' :P Fun game :D
Posted by Teapot 28th October, 2003

hey Ckarl can i use ur server plz?
Posted by Radix 3rd November, 2003

I'm australian, and I'm also evil. But australian isn't exactly a race. And I don't think people know what racism is any more. If it's not some form if discrimination or defamation, go for the gold.
Posted by Matt Boothman 10th November, 2003

Chinese are Dangerous... ...sounds more like a compliment to me!
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 29th November, 2003

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