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GC´ s TutorPack #1
Author: Nuutti Submitted: 2nd November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 809

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 1/14/2005

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 11/3/2003

This is my first tutorial pack.
It contains:
4 different gravity tutorials
Pasting tutorial (very very simple)
How to move objects with mouse-tutorial
PocketLight tutorial
Platforming tutorial
Writing texts character by character

Ok, now there´s the 4th gravity tutorial in the .cca, too (I think so).

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Posted by eX Com 2nd November, 2003

nice! i would have liked if you showed how u made the snake thingy... it wasnt in the unprotected version (number 4 on the gravity menu) otherwise nice job, theres alot of stuff packed in there
Posted by Klikmaster 2nd November, 2003

Excellent, especially gravity4, platform, and character by character text
Posted by Klikmaster 2nd November, 2003

Um, the 4th gravity tutorial isn't included in the open source file, please update it
Posted by DarkBlue Productions 2nd November, 2003

This is helpful! :)
Posted by vortex2 2nd November, 2003

I want to see how you made the snake thing as it was the coolest part :(, otherwise pretty neat :).
Posted by Nuutti 3rd November, 2003

I´m sorry i forgot to put the 4th gravity tutorial in the .cca file. I will update it as soon as possible. I´m very sorry.
Posted by Nuutti 3rd November, 2003

It will be updated after some hours...
Posted by Nuutti 3rd November, 2003

Ok. I´m ready.
Posted by Nuutti 4th November, 2003

I hope that everybody has got the DrawLine object. It is needed for 4th gravity tutorial (It´s just the rope between the balls). DrawLine object can be downloaded for example from:
Posted by Rott bott 4th November, 2003

eX Com, you can download a fully functional open-source snake at
Posted by Nuutti 4th November, 2003

??? Philip hey, I think that eX Com doesn´t mean a basic snake game. Please download my tutorial :D. The 'Snake' is the 4th Gravity tutorial, not a snake game.
Posted by Therapist16 5th November, 2003

The 4th gravity was really cool. theres alot of cool things you can do with that. could you plese tell us how you did it??!!
Posted by AfterStar 5th November, 2003

Cool!This is really helpful!I would like to see more tutorials ;) !Tutorials make klikers life easier :)
Posted by renneF 5th November, 2003

Wow the 4th gravity one was amazing, how the hell did you make that?? It would be really useful in a game I'm planning to make! oh and make more tutorials please, they are very helpful
Posted by Nuutti 6th November, 2003

Hey somebody, is the 4th gravity tutorial in the cca file now? Why you everybody ask:"How did you do it?"?
Posted by DarkBlue Productions 11th November, 2003

hmm...i know one COOL gravity thing...maybe i submit here DC...someday...
Posted by J.A.P. (Jarmo Airaksinen Productions) 29th December, 2003

Melko simppeleitä tutoja:P... tee TGF- versio!
Posted by Nuutti 26th January, 2004

voisihan sitä... sit joskus ku jaksaa :D
Posted by Mr Icekirby 25th February, 2004

ahh! this is very usefull! i love the 4th gravity thingy... it moves wierd
Posted by en kerro 30th November, 2005

tie tgf versio! ja ps. linkki ee toemi!





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