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Cool effect for MMF
Author: Nuutti Submitted: 5th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 200

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 5/6/2005

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 5/5/2005

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 5/5/2005

This is a cool effect for MMF.. hard to explain but i'll try

There is a certain amount of tiles or things, then they form a picture by moving to every tile's own place.

Well it wasnt that hard to explain. Mmf users download and see.


btw i forgot to write in anywhere, that if you change the size of the image mask, remember, that checkerdots have to cover it!
And this requires MoveIt object.

And press space to see the effect yeah

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Posted by DaVince 5th May, 2005

wtf? It shows nothing but random placed gradient squares!
Posted by Joshua M. 5th May, 2005

Huh, I only see some randomly placed tiles. Anyone can do this.
Posted by vortex2 5th May, 2005

Cool :). You have to push space to get it to form the image btw...
Posted by Joshua M. 5th May, 2005

You can also do that another way without extensions. Use ball movement with deceleration. Make them invisible at the start. When the speed is 0, make them visible, start the movement and set direction to it's original direction + 16. That was not made by me, I don't know who made it (forgot) :(
Posted by Nuutti 6th May, 2005

Yes i forgot to write that you need to press space to make them form the picture. i know i could do it without MoveIt but this way its simplier
Posted by a1018 13th May, 2005

well scripting. i will try to make it more effectful. This can be a good intro. Good idea...
Posted by Decal 16th May, 2005

This was cool Greate
Posted by Nuutti 7th June, 2005

thanks :)





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