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Grayscale Image-To-text converter
Author: Nuutti Submitted: 12th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 129

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 6/12/2005

This is a simple program, which converts pictures (mostly BMP) into a text file, so that the characters form a picture. Some of you maybe know a thing called AALIB.
Well, this program works but it is very slow (made in MMF while some AALIB programs are so fast that you can watch videos with them in ascii! However although this is slow you can somewhat convert single pictures.

Zip-file contains
-the program
-a readme that should tell everything important on this...

And see those screenies, they should tell you alot

That's all I have to say.
Leave any comments please good and bad are both good

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Posted by Cazra 12th June, 2005

this sounds pretty cool. Downloading...
Posted by The Chris Street 12th June, 2005

Its really hard to use.
Posted by Simon Colmer 12th June, 2005

good idea, but like circy said, its rly hard to use and to get looking right
Posted by Joshua M. 12th June, 2005

Whoa, hard to use, but awesome that you made it :p
Posted by Nuutti 12th June, 2005

How's it hard to use? I tried to make it as simple as possible... Can you explain how it is hard to use, so i could maybe make it better?
Posted by Silveraura 12th June, 2005

Well its a very good idea, I'll download it later when I have some time to check it out. It looks really interesting & should be fun to play around with.
Posted by Long John Kickbag 12th June, 2005

I remember making something like this ages ago in Jamagic:
Posted by AndyUK 12th June, 2005

well. i quickly chose a picture to convert and started the program, it all ran okay and the resulting picture is nowhere to be found. where do they go by default?
Posted by Nuutti 13th June, 2005

Do you mean the file didn't appear? Did you put anything to the "output file" editbox?
Posted by AndyUK 13th June, 2005

no, it wanted to open a file when i did that.
Posted by Nuutti 14th June, 2005

yes, when you click browse, it wants you to select an already existing file. If that doesn't exist yet, write its path and filename to the editbox.
Posted by JP 23rd June, 2005

there is a really good free online one like this, in color, and ascii, and matrix
Posted by Dilbo 25th June, 2005

a complete program do that and more, but it isn't a MMF application and it's in french... you can find it here: sorry if y speak bad, I'm just learning english :/
Posted by Nuutti 26th June, 2005

new version of this





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