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Author: Nuutti Submitted: 20th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 374

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 4/2/2005

Edited By Nuutti Hölttä on 1/14/2005

This is a little tutorial to how to make a cool effect... I dunno what you think about it but I think myself it looks pretty nice..

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Posted by Muz 20th May, 2004

Cool. I don't see how this would be useful, but cool anyway.
Posted by Nuutti 20th May, 2004

I agree with you, its very useless. I just made it because it looks nice
Posted by renneF 20th May, 2004

yup, it sure looks cool!
Posted by Cybermaze 20th May, 2004

Its ... well ... yeah ... you can do a few cool figures with it ... and it seems well coded ... but its not really useful or a game to play ...
Posted by Nuutti 20th May, 2004

well :D its not very nicely coded :D there are 21 drawline objects in it!
Posted by Herb 20th May, 2004

Posted by Kramy 20th May, 2004

Neat. :) Useless. :)
Posted by Keeper 23rd May, 2004

^^^ ditto
Posted by CYS 23rd May, 2004

It's not that can be used for a screensaver or something.
Posted by Mr Icekirby 9th August, 2004

as the others say, cool!
Posted by Coop 23rd August, 2004

Posted by kankki 17th March, 2005






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