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Author: Hamish M Submitted: 23rd January, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 649
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From tropical forests, to the arab waste lands, you are Commando!
When nuclear weapons have been stolen, you're sent in to be the great equalizer, killing all those terrorist scumbags. Yet, the plot thickensas you're betrayed by the very men you serve. What does it all mean? kick enough ass and you just might find out.

Ten weapons to gear yourself up with.

Classic platforming gameplay in the vein of MegaMan.

Multiple terrorists each with a different weapon and patterns.

Massive environments, ranging from a forest, to a desert, to a concluding arctic battlefield.

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Posted by Dr. James MD 25th January, 2004

i found the graphics flat and lackluster. animation felt cheap. Backgrounds seemed too 'tiled' i suppose the word is. Music is good, however it sounded horribly distorted on my speakers... and i have good speakers. anyone else notice that? I played up to the end of level 2 (the cave one) before i gave in. Ai was foolish, for example they would shoot at me who was hiding away whilst the CPU good guys shot at near point blank range. I heard it took 3 years in the making? i see no evidence of that. overall i think it was overhyped. personally i dont think its revolutionary or anything like that. but complain or whatever, take the comments on board and make a better game! :D
Posted by Hamish M 25th January, 2004

it was about 3 months in the making spread over 3 years
Posted by Dr. James MD 25th January, 2004

BUT, you did inspire me to make my explosions look better in Ninjaman hachrio :) so cheers for that
Posted by ben_02 25th January, 2004

The music in the first level distorts, and I think its the songs fault. The rest didn't distort for me.
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 26th January, 2004

Hmmm.. this game is overhyped. I lost interest very soon.
Posted by Jonny 26th January, 2004

wicked its finally out, gonna download now
Posted by The Chris Street 26th January, 2004

I like it, but I think it's worth a 7/10 tops. The game slows down really badly, and once you lose your lives you have to start the game again, which is really annoying when you consider that I got to the Oil Refinery and snuffed it. It's ridiculously hard without continues. I don't have a problem with the music though, its all hardcore stuff which fits in with the theme of the game. The slow-down is annoying, however. Oh, and when you get to the train, and it starts to move, the background goes all strange. Parts of it remain still, parts "auto scroll", but it looks very messy and scrappy. Still, three years is a long time. I enjoyed it very much up till the point I died, but I dont think I'll be playing again for a bit...took me ages to get there.
Posted by Dr. James MD 26th January, 2004

lol Beau said i was a 'n00b' for saying i didnt like this game
Posted by Assault Andy 26th January, 2004

Wow, i've been waiting for this game for a while. Hope it's as good as I remembered the demo to be.
Posted by xXAaronXx 26th January, 2004

kinda sad that after 3 years of work this game will only be on peoples computers a few days or weeks. I like the game except the graphics are real bland and tiny. I didn't realize there was no continues, i just got bored and quit once I got to the airport.
Posted by Dr. James MD 27th January, 2004

if this was the FA message board most messages here would have been deleted ;) its not a bad game, its clearly well coded. its just... boring. just my opinion tho, not fact
Posted by Rik 27th January, 2004

It's a good game, but not good enough for me to keep retrying it from the start of the chapter every time i die. also, the gravity when you walk off a ledge and the gravity when u jump are clearly different. u fall off ledges too fast.
Posted by Rhys D 27th January, 2004

i finished the game without losing any lives, it's not that hard (except the final boss)(plus its fun :))
Posted by James 28th January, 2004

Posted by colej_uk 28th January, 2004

kick ass game!
Posted by colej_uk 28th January, 2004

I did find one bug tho, on the oil refinery, if you die when you have the oil-boots on, then you dont have them when you respawn.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 28th January, 2004

"this looks awesome! " Alright, this really pisses me off, and I don't know why. Maybe it's because THIS GAME HAS BEEN IN DEVELOPMENT FOR ABOUT FOREVER AND YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST HEARD OF IT BY NOW. Nice game BTW, my only gripe is that some of the sprites and backgrounds are lacking, and the game is impossible unless you cheat. The sprite problems aren't really relevant though since this game was started so long ago. I would give it a high 8 out of 10.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 29th January, 2004

This game kicks so much ass, alot of detail put into this. i like how the Screen Shakes when an explosion happens and also theres lots and lots of things to blow up :). all in all id give this game a 8/10.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 29th January, 2004

Pretty sweet and deffinatly up there with brainless and gunner 3.
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th January, 2004

lol ive been here popping in here for about a year and ive never heard of commando before it was released.
Posted by Astral_86 29th January, 2004

Me neither! Anyway this was a good game. I got to chapter 2 but I got bored because it's kinda repetitive :P Still good! :D (You should fix the distortion in the stage 1 track!!)
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st January, 2004

very good game. looks like lots of effort went into this game. nice job. thumbs up!
Posted by Batchman 1st February, 2004

strange , each time i run the game, the next time i can't boot my comp and i have to restore the registry virus ?
Posted by Perttu Afflecht 1st February, 2004

This is a very good game but repetetive in some parts.
Posted by Ecstazy 1st February, 2004

Looks good and all, but it's kind of frustrating to play the 2nd chapter, and it simply doesn't end. At some point I got tired and stopped - without finishing it.
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd February, 2004

Its nice, good graphics, nice gameplay.. But it is very repeative.
Posted by 3rd February, 2004

yeh looks cool downloading it in a sec so ha...... better than getting mj high!!!
Posted by gargle 3rd February, 2004

i cant believe its finally released, ive been following this one since the beginning.. i just happened to visit a click site for the first time in months.. whatever happened to ben berntens game
Posted by istvan 15th February, 2004

Im stuck,not sure what level/mission, but Ive just hadto jump off a bridge to help the female army person. I met her, than she said follow me again and she jumped through some solid wall to get above to the bridge. When I try to do it, well, I cant. Help me please.
Posted by colej_uk 15th February, 2004

Deffinately one of my all-time favourites. I'm on the final cahpter (I think) after finishing the second one by the skin of my teeth- But now it's just too hard, lol :D
Posted by Willy C 15th February, 2004

one nice game, nice ghraphics/Animations and gameplay. Missing some music tough
Posted by Sakeido 16th February, 2004

not exactly my favorite... repetitive and the window is way too small :D should have added full screen support, and then a "DUCK" button! The difficulty is pretty skewed and there is nothing new here... maybe if friendly fire was "on" and the bad guys could kill each other some interesting situations could occur and something new would have been accomplished
Posted by walter06 17th February, 2004

Stop to use ModFX, it's very slow on old PC! Use ModFusion with a very well optimized code.
Posted by Hamish M 17th February, 2004

Press alt+enter genius
Posted by Tongs 24th February, 2004

I freaking love this game.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd April, 2004

3/10? Jesus there are far worse games at TDC which are given higher scores.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 2nd April, 2004

yah, which is why i deleted it. But i truthfully didn't like commando at all.
Posted by Smeggy 25th April, 2004

Its not a bad game at all, in fact I rather enjoyed it.
Posted by Sym 30th April, 2004

Okay, first off, it's a really nice game, and there are eleven weapons, not ten (or did you want to keep that secret?). The number of hidden places makes it really fun to play. There are some bugs I'd like to point out though: 1. It says you have to start over at the beginning of the chapter when you lose all your lives, but if you select Continue Game, you restart on the last level you were on, plus all the weapons already collected (minus any lives you lost, though). 2. The last boss (the Simon person) takes away your bazooka, but if you do that Continue Game thingy as mentioned above after getting on the missile, you restart with the bazooka. If you take it out, he grabs it away, but if you hide it (switch weapons) before he does, he just walks past you and eventually walks off the nose of the rocket and walks away on empty air. If you shoot him with any bullet weapon, he starts shooting you, but if you shoot him with a flamethrower, he doesn't react. 3. When you die from an explosion, sometimes when you respawn, you die again or recieve damage.
Posted by Tom Alder 29th May, 2004

shit this is
Posted by xifr 26th July, 2004

I get very bad lag when playing this, and occasional freezing. I reckon it's due to the music. I would very much appreciate it if you can make a version without music.
Posted by roger wilco 13th August, 2004

Posted by MekahDexa 29th August, 2004

It is good, but if it used a health percentage and ammo counters,it would be much more interesting.
Posted by Hamish M 19th September, 2004

cam cox that is the gayest review I have ever seen.
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 31st October, 2004

i got to the artic place then i gave up
Posted by Dra-chekel 25th November, 2004

the games ok, but i think that its kinda annoying without a crouch, cos when ur shooting enemies you always lose life
Posted by Erik Bormann 31st December, 2004

I've found a strange easter egg at the ice episode... that's a bit homossexual...
Posted by timsoft 7th August, 2005

whats with the viruses? there's trojan downloader viruses in the program, picked up by AVG, and by my firewall.
Posted by 2nd September, 2006

Posted by Newe Agee 12th May, 2016
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