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MMF - Trans Chat
Author: Jack Galilee Submitted: 23rd September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 167

This example is just like one I made a long time ago, but changed from something like 50-100 events to 5-6 events it just shows how when you make an online game and want to add a chat system that goes over the rest of the game...

Example Features
1. Active System Box Example
2. String Example

Excuse the File Hosting
My Websamba account is down at the moment and this was the only place I could be bothered to upload it to.

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Posted by Silveraura 23rd September, 2004

Why not just upload it at Sitesled? Its better then Websamba & expecially better then GeoCities! Only extremly minor thing is, you have to wait until they activate your account, its not automatic, but it takes no more then 1 day. 2 at the MOST.
Posted by Jack Galilee 23rd September, 2004

Alright Ive give it a go.
Posted by JP 23rd September, 2004

haha i have 8 sitesled accounts
Posted by Willy C 24th September, 2004

how do you use it as a chat program, there is no sign of connection thing in there. Can you make a example with moo
Posted by Jack Galilee 24th September, 2004

uhhh, yea SURE I kind of get the feeling you didnt understand what the example simulates...
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 16th November, 2004

LMAO Willy.. read the description first? :] Not bad just not very useful if user wants to copy the text :]





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