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MMF - 360 Degree Laser
Author: Jack Galilee Submitted: 4th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 321

This is an Example of making a instant hit laser system, built using the Alpha Channel object and the Angle Calculator

*no fast loops*
*no advanced maths*

Simple and easy to use, and modify for your own needs!.. just give the events rules to operate on!

Created By: Spasticus_XIII (ToTaL) & Sebastian Viklund (Zyx)

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Posted by Assault Andy 4th February, 2005

Seems to be extremely inaccurate when shooting in North-East or North-West directions. Otherwise, very nice effect.
Posted by Long John Kickbag 5th February, 2005

That's because the alpha channel object doesn't have fine collisions so the circles are destroyed when they hit the bounding box (which is way out in diagonal directions). Use of the collision condition instead of overlap condition sometimes allows the circles to go through the laser too. Not bad for displaying a laser though.
Posted by Torava 19th November, 2005

Link is broken.
Posted by Solgryn 20th December, 2008

the link doesnt work ! And I was looking for some lazer 360 effect ! Can someone post a new one? Or repair the link, or send me a copy of this. Pleease! This looksreally nice





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