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Deadly Swords 2 Demo
Author: Hernan Submitted: 8th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 216

Edited By Hernan on 14/04/2006

Woohoo! I finally finished the demo. Took damn long.
Anyway, Deadly Swords 2-the Forbidden Seals of Darkness is an action game with (like the title says) a lotta sword action. Use different tricks and moves to complete the game. It's quite difficult when playing for the first time, I think.

Some jerk has stolen the first out of 5 seals (not certain if it going to be five), which will lead to total chaos when they are all collected. You play as Dae (the blond guy) and Jiro (the guy with brown hair), two swordsmen/monsterhunters who agree to retreive the stolen seal and cut the evil guys in pieces.

Default controls are:
Player 1:

Player 2
up=numpad 8
down=numpad 5
left=numpad 4
right=numpad 6
jump=page up

(you can change the controls if you want)

This demo features:
-Two player cooperative mode
-4 levels (all in the same stage, thus same environment)
-1 boss
-A tutorial
-Lotta pics to illustrate the story

The 'extra' option doesn't do anything, I haven't made that yet.

Also, the game seems to be very slow on some computers. If t runs slow on your computer: turn off unnessecary background programs and turn off music.

All (except for the music, which I ripped from megaman and randomly downloaded from is made by me.

Sorry, forgot to mention: please right click and save as, my host doesn't allow direct linking apparently.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 8th October, 2004

This is fairly ace - from the in-game screens it looks slightly Klik and Play-ish (because of the platforms with no edges, I think) but it plays very well - it's an unconventional engine with a lot of complexity to it, and it works. Sometimes you're facing an overwhelming amount of enemies at once, though. Nice job on the graphics!
Posted by 8th October, 2004

Posted by Paul_James 8th October, 2004

wtf i think u went over ur bandwidth cause i cant download it - put it on like
Posted by AndyUK 8th October, 2004

massive screen size! its cool but hard to avoid getting hit. and sometimes the jump didnt register when i pressed jump (which was x at the time)
Posted by Teapot 8th October, 2004

Save Target As! Looks awesome, DLing.
Posted by CYS 8th October, 2004

You have nice graphics but you did not present it very well.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 8th October, 2004

darn, it's doing that bug I get in some games where everything pastes itself as an obstacle, only way I've gotten it too not happen is in 256 color mode, which runs at about 5fps
Posted by Teapot 9th October, 2004

Slow scrolling.
Posted by Wormware 9th October, 2004

nice graphics!! :D
Posted by ChasetheCheese 9th October, 2004

CYS October 8 2004 You have nice graphics but you did not present it very well. Yep, The chars are rather small compared to the window size, which really doesnt matter that much :) I think its a great game. A bit hard maybe, especially the down stabbing jump if you catch my drift.
Posted by Teapot 9th October, 2004

Woah this is truly awesome...finally worked out how to high-jump (my bad, didn't read it properly) really awesome. -needs a block manouvre for projectiles, you can slice 'em, but your not quick enough. Perhaps with the down key.
Posted by Hernan 9th October, 2004

Cool, it's on the frontpage! Thanks Wong Chung Bang! Thanks for the comments too, everyone. Sorry if the game runs slow on your computer, people.
Posted by Jack Galilee 9th October, 2004

I like it no matter what tey say good combo system reminds me of the game Fighting Boure
Posted by 醤油の兵士 9th October, 2004

it runs fast on my computer, it's just impossible to playXD ED has the same bug on my new computer
Posted by AndyUK 9th October, 2004

with a 800x600 screen will run slow on a lot of computers, it played at 45fps on mine yet unreal tournament 2003 plays at a solid 50fps on high settings.
Posted by Tauman 9th October, 2004

the scrolling is a bit slow and the falling on spikes sound sounds like a water balloon hitting the ground 0_o' but other than those minor details this is awesome! can't wait fer the full version ^_^
Posted by Teapot 9th October, 2004

change the screen size though.
Posted by Killerjedi 10th October, 2004

Hmm. Solid engine and good graphics... But the enemies are just incredibly unfair. It's sad that such a simple problem drags an otherwise great game down.
Posted by Kingson 10th October, 2004

Great game! I liked it until the boss came. I have no idea how to beat him. Please help.
Posted by Ecstazy 10th October, 2004

You have a good think coming up, but you really need to work on blending the platforms better to their surrounding. The game is indeed a bit difficult at first, but it got better later. I wouldn't mind making it slightly easier, especially if that's the first level.
Posted by Kingson 10th October, 2004

Ya finally I made it but the boss isnt that great done besides the rest of the game. The only tactic that came to my mind was go near the boss and attack, with my last life I beat him then. I think you could improve the boss scene so that you can beat him with tactic, first I fought him he was up in the sky all the time no chance even to hit him.
Posted by Sakeido 10th October, 2004

ditto on the unfair enemies. The ninjas throw their ninja stars too fast for you to block them. The other guys move too quickly and can move inside your sword and hit you... and there is no way to kill the vacuum guys without getting hit 3-4 times or wasting all of your spirit bar, since they can suck in from so far away there is no way to jump over them without a platform over them.
Posted by Hernan 11th October, 2004

Wow, I knew my game would be hard, but it seems everybody finds it impossible. I'll change it in the full version. (give em less health, do less damage and change the timing) Guess I'll explain a little bit on how to defeat the enemies: Ninja's: Jump over the stars, only block the first star with your sword (you wouldn't be able to move anyway) "Vacuum guys": Use the down stab to jump over them (read tutorial on how to do that), or use the hard attack to kill them right away. Don't save up your spirit, just use the hard attack frequently
Posted by Hernan 11th October, 2004

About the boss: there's no tactic involved. Since this is the first boss, you just attack the boss without any strategy.
Posted by Paul_James 12th October, 2004

i just cant download this game - i tried open in new window - save target as - i even copied the link nothing works
Posted by Hernan 12th October, 2004

Did you click on the small link? Don't try it on the "Download Now", that won't work
Posted by Aaron Tomko 12th October, 2004

Very nice. I like the stylized artwork, but you should use the same style consistantly through out your game...i.e. it would be really cool if the levels themselves were hand drawn. While I know it would only add to the time it will take to finish the game, I think it would make the game look much more polished. My ramblings aside, it's a very good game. Best of luck.
Posted by Blackstorm 13th October, 2004

This is a very cool game... However, the controls randomly stop working during a multiplayer game. I hope you can fix that by the demo. :)
Posted by Kingson 15th October, 2004

You can improve perfomance by turning fps off.





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