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Killer Punch
Author: Hernan Submitted: 27th April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 251

Edited By Hernan on 1/12/2005

This game was supposed to be a scrolling beat 'em up. But I got really bored with this game, so I made it a hiscore game. Well,it's better than nothing. I'll start over someday.

Watch for some really annoying bugs, like when a bad guy punches you, he'll sometimes hit you 10 times.

Right click and save as.

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Posted by BirkB 28th April, 2003

I like it... Its fun But i hate those thugs with guns... But fun it is :)
Posted by Stian B. 28th April, 2003

Annoying bored... Sounds not promising,so i wont download it. Try to write more about the game,not alot of other things which I have no interest to know.
Posted by Jonas Isaksson 29th April, 2003

Itīs probably very good...! Beacuse this Hernan really knows how to create games! 8)
Posted by Hernan 30th April, 2003

Posted by Lew 30th April, 2003

Darn, add another couple of words and it would be 666kb ;) Anyway, pretty fun :)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 4th May, 2003

Ur site is down, for some reason ur server doesn't work
Posted by Jason Orme 6th May, 2003

Please i sooo wanna download this, any chance of your e-mailing me?
Posted by Hernan 6th May, 2003

huh? i dont get it, it's working just fine when I try it myself
Posted by Jason Orme 9th May, 2003

still nothing, please just e-mail it me
Posted by Herukula (not) 11th May, 2003

Hey u mail me this game so it will work i added that dll file and it still didnt work. :angry: :angry: :angry:
Posted by Herukula (not) 11th May, 2003

I dont get it a added tha dll and it said couldnt find cncs232.dll





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