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Dendron Mania
Author: Hernan Submitted: 14th March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 243

Edited By Hernan on 3/14/2005

Edited By Hernan on 3/14/2005

Dendron Mania
English version


Dendron Mania was a schoolproject. We had to make a game with Gamemaker. I know most klikkers detest Gamemaker, so don't start whining about it when leaving a comment, please.
Gamemaker wasn't really that bad (though I have been annoyed as hell occasionally).
Our class was divided into four groups of four people and each group had to make a game about our
school Dendron College. We decided to make a action/platformer. Unlike other groups we made our own
graphics instead of ripping them. I don't know how the other games are and what our grade is, yet.
But don't worry, our game came out pretty well and it's fun.


There's something very weird going on in our school Dendron College. Classrooms have been changing
into strange worlds full of danger! An unknown evil force has hid himself in the canteen of the
school. You, a student of the school, are the only one who can save the school. Together with
professor Oak (no, not the one from Pokémon), who wil give you instructions, you must save our
school from this evil!


The controls of the game are simple:

Arrow keys: walk
Shift: jump
Control: shoot

esc: exit the game
F4: switch from/to full screen

Known bugs

-There are several bugs in the animation of the player
-Bullets might miss (because the bullets and enemies might move too fast)
-When minizing the game or placing it in the background while walking, the player keeps walking even
after pressing the arrow keys.
There might be some other bugs we don't know about in the last levels, since we've been kinda rushing things.
We've been in quite a hurry to make it before our deadline.

The Dutch version of the game is available at
Please leave a comment there!

BTW the screenshots are taken from the Dutch version.

P.S. 'Right click and save as' on the little link below. Host doesnt allow direct linking.

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Posted by Joshua M. 14th March, 2005

Aah! Omg, Gamemaker game! Well ok, it wasn't that bad. It was quite good actually.
Posted by Xordien 14th March, 2005

I hate GameMaker. But it's very nice. :)
Posted by 14th March, 2005

it's a strange game, but looks interesting
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th March, 2005

Looks good. Downloading!
Posted by axel 14th March, 2005

not made with klik!?? BOOOOH!!!! just kidding. downloading later...
Posted by Hempuli 14th March, 2005

Looks and sounds good. GameMaker sucks!! But the screenshots looks nice. I download it later.
Posted by Hayo 14th March, 2005

dutch :)
Posted by Joshua M. 14th March, 2005

Oh yeah, I see now, you're a Dutchy too! XD Yay
Posted by izac 15th March, 2005

this game hasn't been made by a clickteam product?
Posted by Joshua M. 15th March, 2005

No, read the description
Posted by Hernan 16th March, 2005

Joshua, so you're Dutch too eh? (and Hayo too if course) oh joy :P
Posted by Joshua M. 16th March, 2005

Yeah, I'm Dutch too :P
Posted by Imadjinn 17th March, 2005

I thought this place was for certain games only? As for GM sucking, IT DOES NOT SUCK LAME-O's! I'd play it and comment but the download doesn't seem to work for me :(
Posted by Hernan 18th March, 2005

No, you can place any game you made on the DC. But only click games are nominated for the GOTW. To download, just click the 'download now' button. You'll be redirect to my (incomplete) website, where you can download the game.
Posted by renkin 20th March, 2005

Game Maker is far superior to any Clickteam product I've used (KnP, TGF, MMF) in both speed and versatility.
Posted by Radix 20th March, 2005

MMF is far superior to game maker in not sucking.
Posted by renkin 20th March, 2005

Well, Game Maker really sucks when trying to use it like MMF, using built in functions accessible from the icons, but what I really like about it is how you can apply C-like scripts (real code) to all the objects, and its built in tile/layer-engine. The former gives a lot of freedom you don't find in TGF/MMF, and the latter makes SNES-like, tile-based games run really smooth. I guess it's a bit controversial to say that here, though. ;) Anyway, this game was ok, but not that interesting in my opinion.
Posted by SPL 21st March, 2005

Nice Game =D
Posted by DaVince 22nd March, 2005

I skipped this? And what's with the half Dutch?
Posted by Hernan 23rd March, 2005

@DaVince: 1. Yes, apparently you skipped this 2. I'm Dutch, the game was a school project.
Posted by Joshua M. 24th April, 2005

School project huh. Cool :p





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