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Sleepy Head Santa
Author: Hernan Submitted: 24th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 220

Edited By Hernan on 12/25/2006

Hey guys.
Here's another Christmas compo entry. I think I spent too much time on this Maybe I should've planned this game to be a little smaller, since I had to rush a lot in the end. Anyway, please enjoy this game. Here's some more info, which I just copied from my readme.txt:

Every year on December, Christmas elves start preparing for Christmas. Carol, a 14 year old elf, has the most terrible job ever: guiding Santa and his deer from his summer house to he northpole base (no, Santa and his deer don't fly). It's a terrible job because Santa always falls asleep and is super duper grumpy when waking up! Help Carol guide Santa and his deer to the northpole without waking him up.

Sleepty Head Santa is a gridbased action puzzle game. Control Carol and remove obstacles that obstruct Santa and his deer. Read the tutorial! It is indispensable for understanding the game. Guide Santa Claus through 30 levels devided by 3 routes.

This game contains 3 Christmas gifts! Unlock them by getting a certain highscore on every route.

Default Controls
Directional buttons: Walk
X: Pick up/ Confirm
Z: Smash Hammer/ Cancel

Controls can be changed by pressing ctrl+y, but it is NOT recommended. Changed controls do not work in the Pause menu and the Select Item after collecting 5 blue stars.

Difference Between Compo Version And Public Version
The public version contains different music. As my entry for the competition could not contain ripped music. This version does contain this music as I think it fits much better than the ones I used in the compo version.

The public version contains 5 extra levels called Fun Pack.

Update: An alternative link has been added because googlepages is gay.

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Posted by ThePodunkian 24th December, 2006

hahaha, this game is cool, the presentation is nice, and the game play is pretty cool too.
Posted by Simon Colmer 25th December, 2006

Only downloads to 70% for me and then i cant open!
Posted by Iv4n 25th December, 2006

same here
Posted by Hernan 25th December, 2006

I've added an alternative link. I uploaded it with filewire. Hopefully that'll hold better.
Posted by DaVince 25th December, 2006

The download worked fine for me...

Will try the game later.
Posted by Plooscva 25th December, 2006

Great game but a bit hard...
Posted by Tim 25th December, 2006

Some of the text is a pain to read.. like on screenshot two - could easily be changed to anything more legible though. Other than that, pretty fun game
Posted by robin90 26th December, 2006

Superb game with nice graphics and sound. Though it is bit hard, still very enjoyable game. Thumbs Up
Posted by Hempuli 26th December, 2006

I didn't like this very much
Posted by robin90 27th December, 2006

A question: route 2 level 2 it seems that there is a bug with the buttons. The tutorial said that only one button can be pressed, but I need to activate blue button and get the platform out ?? How to do that ?
Posted by Hernan 27th December, 2006

-You can pick up the blue button. That should help you I think.
-You can press multiple buttons, but only one colour of the blocks can be opened. Yeah, there are bugs in the buttons but that is not one of them.
Posted by robin90 27th December, 2006

Hey , I did not know that button can be picked up. Thanks !! BTW your game have also made it to caiman.
Posted by Hernan 27th December, 2006

kewl, never heard of caiman though
Posted by Hayo 27th December, 2006

Caiman is great, they run great compo's as well.
Posted by robin90 27th December, 2006

Another Question on route 2 level 7 : it seems to me that there is no blue button to be found.And there are no star for me to get item. There is no enough time for me to put all the snowballs through the long way. I tried hitting all snowballs , though the blue button is hidden and still cannot find.

Hayo : you are right .. They have competition too
Posted by Hernan 27th December, 2006

Haha, game's hard eh?
There is no blue button. All snowballs must be thrown.

If you're really having trouble, this is the solution:

Posted by robin90 28th December, 2006

Thank for the solution. I am stuck again, but that mean I am making progress. Route 3 level 3
You need the stone in order to press the blue button and
I cannot seem to throw the stone across. The snowball is too far and there is not enough time again.
Btw, gift2 is kind of cute Good job!
Posted by Ricky 28th December, 2006

Santa scares me! Good game, great graphics
Posted by Joshua M. 29th December, 2006

Haha, cute game.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 31st December, 2006

I liked this one a lot - though it features the most terrifying Game Over screen I have ever witnessed, and almost gave me a heart attack.
Posted by DaVince 12th January, 2007

Game doesn't work, data.dtz not found or something.
Posted by Hernan 14th January, 2007

Well, then don't move it... >_>
It should be in the folder called Data





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