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Author: Andrew Barontini Submitted: 13th October, 2004 Favourites:0
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Edited By Andrew Barontini on 4/24/2005

Edited By Andrew Barontini on 4/24/2005

Edited By Andrew Barontini on 10/14/2004

Neopong is like a bat and ball but there is another player at the top. Protect your fleet from the enemy player and destroy his/hers. The ball gets faster after hitting the wall or a players ship. There is also a carrier ship dropping an upgrade making your ship bigger and alowing you to shoot 2 missles. Every other upgrade just gives you 2 missles. When your ship gets hit by a missle it takes the hit(your ship is immune to these missles). Controls are as follows:

Top Player:
left=left arrow
right=right arrow
fire left cannon=Page up
fire right cannon=page down

Bottom Player:
fire left cannon=g
fire right cannon=h

Post a comment plz enjoy..
By the way u may think this is just an average dumb pong game, give it a try please dont hesitate its really fun.

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Posted by Aaron Dale 14th October, 2004

nice original concept
Posted by DukeMS 15th October, 2004

page not found
Posted by Wormware 16th October, 2004

Nice 1!!
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th October, 2004

Decent effort, but unfortunately only two player. AI isn't hard to do for a pong type game, so better luck on a remake or upgrade or something.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 17th October, 2004

hey maybe





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