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R-Type Like engine
Author: Andrew Barontini Submitted: 20th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 523

Edited By Andrew Barontini on 4/24/2005

Edited By Andrew Barontini on 4/24/2005

Edited By Andrew Barontini on 10/21/2004

Well its kinda an engine i havent put any comments in the event editor but any way if you've ever wanted to mkae a game kinda like R-Type, this may help. P.S. Sprites are from BioMetal

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Posted by Drunking Clicker 21st October, 2004

Posted by Safegem 21st October, 2004

"And then, the sages concluded:" PHIZZYS NAME MAKES NO SENSE EITHER!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 24th October, 2004

I bite people's knees.
Posted by Jimmy Pig 24th October, 2004

same i like doing backflips off my father
Posted by kjarom 30th October, 2004

Please don't ever sing to her like that again, or I'll throw a white carrot at your liver.
Posted by Weston L 31st October, 2004

R-Type -- I have that game :D it's hhard to play though
Posted by Andrew Barontini 4th November, 2004

im glad people like it, or at least some know of it
Posted by Wicked Studios 22nd January, 2005

dont make me throw an oversized pine tree at your dog in an attempt to mortally wound your pride and your mother...critical hit! yayyyyyyyy!
Posted by Andrew Barontini 2nd February, 2005

i dont like dogs go ahead :)





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