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The Doors
Author: Gus Stevenson Submitted: 3rd January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Interactive Fiction Downloads: 277

You are not sure where you are, or how you got there, but you must search the rooms and obtain the items necessary for your escape.

This game was made using Imp of Hazard Games' "The Quest Maker." The zip includes the TQM player, which is needed to load the game. It also includes an MP3 file that doesn't seem to play in the game.

"The Quest Maker" download page:

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Posted by Muz 3rd January, 2005

Hmm... as much as certain other admins don't like obvious non-Click games, I'll accept it coz it's shiny :).
Posted by Lazernaut 3rd January, 2005

since when was this a click-only site ?
Posted by Willy C 3rd January, 2005

I've played this type of games before. belive it was some kind of Jap flash game called 'the room'...It was a good game, but this game seems to have some better grapics.
Posted by Galaxy613 3rd January, 2005

EvisceratoR, ever sense Cricy became admin.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 3rd January, 2005

Hey all! Thanks for the posts. This game was made using another clicker's program. I'm not sure if he used MF or what, but it's posted on this site, so why not post games made with it?
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 3rd January, 2005

Finally, a game where I can play as Jim Morrison.
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 3rd January, 2005

The game is pretty cool :D The graphics is so cool! I am very happy someone uses my small app! Keep up the good work! :)
Posted by ChrisB 3rd January, 2005

I was thinking exactly the same thing as Mohr.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 4th January, 2005

Thanks for the ratings. Anyone care to share why they liked or didn't like it?
Posted by vortex2 4th January, 2005

It was pretty cool but the whole thing at the end was annoying XD. I did it like 5 times before I realized what was going on.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 4th January, 2005

break on through to the other side LOL
Posted by Deathbringer 4th January, 2005

Hah, so this was made using another game-making program that was made in Click!, so shove it up your arse Cir*banned*
Posted by DaVince 5th January, 2005

A looping game... interesting.
Posted by Joshua M. 5th January, 2005

Hmm. Interesting, a looping... oh, DaVince already said that.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 5th January, 2005

DaVince and Joshua: Yeah, I suppose you could also call it a looping story. Jonathan: Yeah, remember when I posted on your "Something Black" page that I was working on one? Here it is!
Posted by The Chris Street 8th January, 2005

lol Deathbringer XD This will count as a GOTW candidate, solely because it uses an app that was made in Click
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th January, 2005

It's a meta-Click game. How unusual...
Posted by Gus Stevenson 10th January, 2005

Well, it doesn't seem to be doing too hot in GOTW, despite having only one contender! Thanks all the same, Cir.
Posted by Sean Kelly 14th January, 2005

"I've played this type of games before. belive it was some kind of Jap flash game called 'the room'...It was a good game, but this game seems to have some better grapics." Was it by any chance "The Crimson Room"?
Posted by Devernath 5th February, 2005

This game is fun, weird, but too short.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 8th February, 2005

Thanks. Yeah, I had to work within the limitations of Imp's program--only 30 screens.
Posted by Leon101 1st June, 2005

I don't like the fact that I can't win! But nice looking game though.
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 15th July, 2005

Nice pics but kinda short. But still good for a Qust Maker game.
Posted by mojofltr 18th August, 2005

heh. this rules so much! :D





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