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Paddle Pixel
Author: Gus Stevenson Submitted: 26th January, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 278

Edited By Gus Stevenson on 12/03/2006

Paddle Pixel is a classic-style paddle ball game with a few new twists. When the ball hits the paddle, a section of the paddle disappears. Thus, it gets more difficult to hit the ball as the game progresses. Also, the player can shoot "decoy balls" to confuse the other player. However, this also costs a section of the player's paddle. In addition, there are several customizable options that greatly affect the difficulty of the game, including paddle size, ball speed, and obstacles.

Game Features:

Accurate paddle pall engine

Robot voice game announcer

Several modes of play-
Number of players (0-2)
Paddle Size
Ball Speed
Play to Round (1-99)
CPU Skill

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Posted by sententia 27th January, 2006

I like it. Thumbs up.
Posted by Deophron 28th January, 2006

You got some nice ideas here dude.
Posted by Bommut 28th January, 2006

Cool idea, but it would have benefited greatly with some stylization. old pog graphics aren't too exciting
Posted by Gus Stevenson 2nd February, 2006

The link is correct, and it downloads fine from my site. Not sure what the problem is. I guess it's something on TDC's end. If nothing else, copying and pasting the link to the URL seems to work.
Posted by Bibin 2nd March, 2006

it's the stupid space-TDC glitch. try the above.
Posted by Dalal 5th February, 2006

That idea is amazing! Let me download the game and see how gameplay is.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 12th March, 2006

Fixed the space glitch. The d/l link should work fine now.





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