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Quidditch T.I.S.T. Testing DEMO
Author: ..:.Phox.:.. Submitted: 7th April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 107

It's a game Based on the sport that J.K. Rowling Invented.

I suppose you all know what's it all about!

Well, It's only my firs game! So I thought that I should make a DEMO before the complete so that you guys could give me some comments on the game and for me to make it better (acording to your comments).

SO, Hope you enjoy!

'\= Shadow =/'

P.S. - Keep waiting for new games, CUZ thei're coming!!

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Posted by Jimbob 8th April, 2005

That is the funkiest spelling of "they're" I've ever seen. The screenshot is a bit you not have a bigger one?
Posted by axel 8th April, 2005

you could take larger screenshots, and convert them to .png format to reduce file size. clubsoft has an application that can convert them...
Posted by Ski 8th April, 2005

argh! library graphics!!
Posted by Nick of All Trades 8th April, 2005

You do realise you are far from the first one to make a game about Quidditch? Still, this is pretty good to be your first game. It took years for me to get any idea of how to make a pinball effect like that.
Posted by axel 8th April, 2005

well, actually, i helped him with that ;)
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 8th April, 2005

Yeah, But anyway... No stuff I should change? Is it ok? Tell me everything either its good or bad! AND about my word spelling :): I live in portugal, so I don't wess with english very much, I talk pretty well by the way :P P.S. - I was Born In Canada!
Posted by Joey Drasal 8th April, 2005

nice demo u should keep going with this demo and finish this.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 8th April, 2005

Thanks Joey! ;)
Posted by stickboybob 9th April, 2005

nice game, you should finish it. keep up the good work
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 10th April, 2005

Well guys, I'm working on the complete version now and so far you haven't said nothin to change it so I'm just gonna add some stuff and some more paly modes and it's ready! By the way, I've already made the single/Multi player option, and I've made it so that the players can throw the ball! Any suggestions? I'll be thankfull! P.S. - Thanx for all the thumbs up!
Posted by Andrew Barontini 10th April, 2005

Good job kid. i believe your already a better klicker than me.. im too lazy to make 500 lines of code for one game :)
Posted by KevinHaag 10th April, 2005

Its really good for yer first game... Just try not to use library graphics. They kind of suck!XDXD
Posted by axel 11th April, 2005

well i once wrote game with over 1000 events! lol it was still quite crappy! XD PS it's klikker or clicker, not klicker. that's really getting annoying!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 11th April, 2005

Thanx Guys! By the way! Not using Library any more! BUT if anyone can help me with some backdrops I could use some help cuz I'm not that great at making BTM's or Backdrops! Waiting for help! Or maybe not, but if you can help I thank you very much!
Posted by Coop 16th April, 2005

It's good. I think you should have the players take damage by hitting the ground, eachother and getting hit by the bludger. And when they take to much damage they fall off there broomstick :).
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 17th April, 2005

Yeah, It would be cool! Maybe I'll put that in the complete version! Thanx, Coments are welcome!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 26th April, 2005

Why don't you guy's vote Good or Bad? I've got 36 downloads, but only 9 good's and 1 bad!! COME ON PEOPLE, VOTE VOTE VOTE. :p
Posted by KevinHaag 1st May, 2005

Just fix the bgs and this will be a great game!;)
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 10th May, 2005

Go and see my new game! It's very much better!! Don't vote for my demo anymore! Vote for the complete! IT HAS FEWER VOTES THAN THE DEMO!!!!!!!
Posted by Sgt. Salsa 22nd June, 2005

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