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Top Down Engine (Example)
Author: ..:.Phox.:.. Submitted: 18th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 293

Edited By Sgt.ShadowStorm on 9/23/2005

Edited By Sgt.ShadowStorm on 9/19/2005

This is a Mediocre Exapmle that covers:
-VERY VERY basic Movement,
-32 dir shooting,
-Speed Blur of Bullets,
-Blood Splashing,
-Basic Zombie A.I.
-AMMO and HEALTH pickups.

The Example is pretty simple and is a little commented, But I'm sure you will understand it very easily

Hope it helps,

(sorry for the low screenshot resolution, but it's because if it being JPEG.) (If you realy wanna se what the Engine is like, DOWNLOAD IT)
(if used, give credit )


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Posted by Simon Colmer 19th September, 2005

download doesnt work!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 19th September, 2005

Ok, I'm having problems with sitesled, if you want to download the game click on download, and once you are on my site, click the link, that should work ;) Thanx
Posted by Aptennap 19th September, 2005

Posted by Simon Colmer 19th September, 2005

hurrah, it works! Tis a good engine - no bugs accept for adding new tree's - what you want to do is create the leaf at the position of TREE as then you can add as many tree's as you like! Well done
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 19th September, 2005

realy? is it good? You guys like it? THANX! :D
Posted by Matt Boothman 19th September, 2005

This is a big pile of bollocks.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 19th September, 2005

well, you haven't made better! At least you've never post nothin anyone of us can see! So, please just shut it, and throw yourself off a 234432m tall building. Thank you very much.
Posted by Pontus Lundin 15th April, 2007

One thing I miss with most of these totourials is that they dont have extensions that is needed with the game. Inc ase that the downloader lack the extension. more people should think about that.
Posted by dndfreak 12th January, 2009

the DL doesn't work again.





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