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Author: ..:.Phox.:.. Submitted: 2nd May, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By Sgt.ShadowStorm on 5/2/2005

Here's the last aperance quidditch is gonna have,

It has two game modes, Single and Multiplayer and it has become abandoneware. If you want to learn more, download and read the READ-ME FILE.

Anyway, anyone who downloads, be sure to put thumbs up or down!

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Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2005

tis okay but how tha hell can ya go left without havin to fly upside down lol!
Posted by kjarom 2nd May, 2005

really not a bad game at all. the only thing that I feel is wrong with it is not a glitch, it's just how freakin annoying it is when u snatch the ball from the computer opponent and in less than a second he has it again and is going the other direction, ready to score...... BUT other than that it's a pretty good game. Thumbs up!
Posted by wario 3rd May, 2005

I give it a thumbs up ^_^
Posted by DaVince 3rd May, 2005

Why is there a 2,4 MB BMP screenshot in the zip? Leave it out, it'll save you much more space.
Posted by alibaba 3rd May, 2005

its not bad, pretty smooth. whnat about the snithch and the other things tho?
Posted by Teapot 3rd May, 2005

I made a quidditch game once where you were the seeker. The chasers had AI and scoring was odd.
Posted by axel 3rd May, 2005

You've got to score 10 goals before u can go after the snitch. I can just say that this is really nice, to be his first game ever. Applause ^_^
Posted by ben mercer 3rd May, 2005

Just one thing that could really improve this game without very much effort- use the direction calculator or adv direction object to rotate the enemy. At the moment he rotates instantly and it looks kind of weird when he flicks directions after a goal is scored. Also if your feeling clever, you could try to make a system where the enemy judges speed and distance to more intercept the ball on it's flight path, instead of just following it exactly. That would be a little complex. Nice little game. Brilliant for a first game.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 3rd May, 2005

Thanx, anyway, it's abandonware, I won't bother to make it better. I'm working on some other progects. I was searching my computer yesterday and found an old game about dogfights! LOL! I'm working on that right now though! Thanx anyway!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 4th May, 2005

yeah! Thats a bit odd! But it's also because it's been put up like two days before today, so, I'm still waiting for some more thumbs up! :p
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 8th May, 2005

Fuck you, Tiago!
Posted by TheDarkestOne13 10th May, 2005

Good game Nelo, I like it, Thumbs up.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 10th May, 2005

NOT NELO!!!! NALO!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by en kerro 14th May, 2005

Posted by DarkShadow14 14th May, 2005

its cool
Posted by dndfreak 12th January, 2009

the sitesled is down ppl!





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