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Cyber Knights 1.01
Author: ..:.Phox.:.. Submitted: 31st August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 149

Edited By Sgt.ShadowStorm on 9/1/2005

CYBER Knights



Hey everybody, this is my lastest game: Cyber Knights.
It's a Battle Multiplayer Platformer, to be later updated to online too.
I'm already working on the new version as you read this.
This game has no sounds or music, due to it's early version. But in next Versions,
expect lot's of cool sounds as awesome music to make you wanna play more!



D-Pad - moves player
Shift- jump
Control- Slash with Sword


W,S,A,D- moves player
\- jump
Tab- Slash with Sword

P3(controls for P1's rocket)
After jumping on the corespondent team coloured block you actionate the rocket. (in the Modern CTF Mode)
UP- Accelerate
Right- Turn Right
LEft- Turn Left

P4(controls for P2's rocket)
After jumping on the corespondent team coloured block you actionate the rocket. (in the Modern CTF Mode)
W- Accelerate
D- Turn Right
A- Turn Left

Player1 and 2 only start moving again after their rocket has been destroyed.

For more information, Click on the Help option in game.

Happy Gaming!


I want to thank HOP for ltting me use one of his abandoned sprites, that is the knight in the game, I modified a bit, but it's his knight so the Credits go to him. And also the Block. Thanx Hop!
I want also to thank Aggggge for helping me with some dificulties, and ideas. Thanx Aggggge!

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Posted by Fragasnap 1st September, 2005

Make online play, then I'll care about it. But it does have good graphics. :)
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 1st September, 2005

Posted by axel 1st September, 2005

yeh, i like the swordslash animations ^^ the online version's sure gonna roxx
Posted by Wicked Studios 1st September, 2005

Ive played this and I think its pretty good right now, but will be a lot better with sounds, music, and the online version. Yay online!
Posted by moonbird99 1st September, 2005

did someone say "good graphics"? mmmmm....mmmmm
Posted by Zethell 1st September, 2005

This wont work soo good with the standard movements.. If you use MOO
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 1st September, 2005

I know I'm following Flavas Article, that uses costume movement. So, I guess it'll work! :) And yes, FLAVA MAKE THAT 3 PART FAST! I'M GETTING ANXIOUS! lol
Posted by Rikus 1st September, 2005

hey shadow let me know when the new version is up with sound and music and or online and i'll put it on the front page for ya
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 2nd September, 2005

ok thanx Rikus
Posted by Zethell 2nd September, 2005

Well, if your haveing problems makeing it online, then ask me.. I know alittle on how MOO works. ;] I kind of like this game, soo i would only be glad to help xD. Ohh yea, i got some sprites that i don't need.. Use them if you wish, i think they would look pretty nice in your game xD Sprites: 20x20px, edit them if you wish.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 3rd September, 2005

Thank you very mutch!, I suck at making ground! You have AIM or MSN Messenger? Tell-me Maybe we can team Up!
Posted by DarkShadow14 3rd September, 2005

the game it's cool
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 3rd September, 2005

thanx Dan
Posted by Zethell 3rd September, 2005

Heh, I got MSN, but i use Google Talk the most, Oops, forgot 2 sprites there xD Updated:
Posted by hop 3rd September, 2005

Oh nice, thanks for the credit for the sprites, I wasn't really expecting that! I havn't been here for awhile since I started messing with some C++ stuff. Good game btw, and will be very good if you can make it online. I'm glad to see you learned from my blood example too :).
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 4th September, 2005

Posted by Sgt. Salsa 4th September, 2005

ainda na joguei mas parece xer porreiro
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 5th September, 2005

ya, ok. Mas joga, com teus irmãos.
Posted by egon hellquist 15th November, 2005

hey nice game !





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