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Super Pang Revolution
Author: Nega Submitted: 26th April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 341
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Edited By Xtreme on 4/28/2005

I regularly visit TDC and I have to present one of my games today. It is Vitalized and extracted of my console "XtremeBoy". It takes the concept of Super Buster Bros, very famous. The scores are onlines and there are French and English players.
Goto for more informations if you like french.
( Sorry for my english, I'm french if you understood it ^^ )

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 (1570kb )

Posted by elektro_D.I. 26th April, 2005

:) good
Posted by Matt Mallas (Flying Apemonkey Software) 26th April, 2005

Looks good, but every time I hit a bubble with a bonus in it, the game locks up.
Posted by Bo Fu 26th April, 2005

...I'm stuck at the help screen.
Posted by Bo Fu 26th April, 2005

And I'm getting a massive lock up when I hot a bonus bubble too.
Posted by Butt Head 26th April, 2005

I cant even get it to load
Posted by Nega 27th April, 2005

Oups sorry, I posted a working version. I have forgotten to put the level at 1 to start !!! Now it is corrected, enjoy :)
Posted by Nega 27th April, 2005

It is slow at level 1. It is fast at level 99... If you are good, you can play 30min without be dead, so be patient. The best players played again, and again...
Posted by Zi-Xiao 27th April, 2005 Anyone notice anything? Not that I really care too much... Ripping graphics is one thing, but ripping badly drawn and simple graphics is just poor. My good friend Hernan pointed this out to me.
Posted by Nega 27th April, 2005

I am not a graphic designer, I can modify and adapt sprites, but to draw them it is other thing. Everyone does not have this ability. I'm sorry...
Posted by Hernan 27th April, 2005

You're using ripped graphics? Oh well, at least it's coded well. And I think you meant "Not everyone has this ability" instead of "Everyone does not have this ability" :P
Posted by Robert Berry 27th April, 2005

Awesome. I posted a review about it on my website.
Posted by Bo Fu 27th April, 2005

I like it! You should have a "don't submit score" option, and perhaps a training mode in which you can't die.
Posted by Justin 27th April, 2005

Pang? It's called super buster bros. At least that's where the kid and the bubbles are from.
Posted by Hernan 28th April, 2005

Super Buster Bros was the NA name, it was released as Super Pang in Europe.
Posted by Nega 28th April, 2005

Thanks for the review, Robert Berry, it is very pretty ;) Bo Fu, you can replace "don't submit score" by pressing the key "escape" ;) I didn't know if Super Pang was the french or us name, I know now it was called Super Buster Bros, thanks ^^
Posted by Iv4n 29th April, 2005

I can't run it. Just displays me downloading and that's all.
Posted by Nega 30th April, 2005

Try again, or wait for the dl... :s
Posted by Mathias Kærlev 30th April, 2005

I am wondering how you made the loading screen? Where it says how much you downloaded so far...
Posted by Nega 1st May, 2005

Goto :)
Posted by Iv4n 3rd May, 2005

Well I've waited about half hour and nothing happend. Too bad because I like those Pang series much...
Posted by Stian B. 3rd May, 2005

Nothing happend....
Posted by seferogullari 5th May, 2005

thank you very much...
Posted by Nux 6th May, 2005

SPR is really a good play!
Posted by Burned_soul 7th May, 2005

Ivan, which browser and which version of Vitalize do you have ?
Posted by Twiner 7th May, 2005

Very nice Game. Good job Xtreme :)
Posted by Trusketch 7th May, 2005

Good job on the game, its pretty good!
Posted by Iv4n 12th May, 2005

Firefox and IE6. I don't know my version of Vitalize. Where can I download the last one?
Posted by Nega 13th May, 2005

Maybe you can download it at





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