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Patternbee solo
Author: Professor AI Submitted: 7th November, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 249

Edited By Professor AI on 11/9/2005

This is a Chinese child's puzzle of 6 asymmetric pieces, which form many suggestive animal shapes. Solving them is a nice mental exercise for ages 5-50. 38 puzzles are included (unzip all files into one directory), and you can make and share your own.

I originally implemented it in 20 rules of KNP, with the elegant and hard parts being:

1) Moving, rotating, and dropping pieces with the mouse
2) 45 degree rotations which correctly aligned by pixel
3) Solution detector which admitted any correct configuration using parallel processing
4) Pre-storing 32 different puzzles in one object.

There was no drag and drop, so the pickup and putdown are done with a left click. Rotation by a right click, and "Flipping" done with the Enter key, or by colliding with a Mirror on screen.

I include the original puz32.gam file which loads now in TGF.

Because I was so roundly critized for my last game Onsteroids, I decided to update it with:

5) hybrid mouse/keyboard cursor control (difficult)
6) load arbitrary puzzle from file
7) create and save new puzzles to share!
8 ) best-time saved with each puzzle to create competitive challenge
9) secret powerful keyboard commands.

This game became the basis for some online multiplayer educational software (written in Java to work in any equipped browser) called
which you are all invited to come play as well.

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Posted by Assault Andy 8th November, 2005

Screenshot please?
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 9th November, 2005

Me like!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 20th November, 2005

Wow, this is actually quite impressive. Thumb way up for this one.
Posted by Dave S. 26th December, 2005

Like Tangram but with different shapes. Overall, very good educational game but I have since found a few bugs.





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