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Author: DELETED!_by account owner Submitted: 23rd April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 162

Edited By firespell on 24/04/2006

My 1st game and its a breakout game.

Destroy all blocks on each level. There are a few powerups randomly placed in blocks to help you.

Mouse to move bat.

If your going to say this is crap at least tell me what i can improve.

Sorry about the download just copy and paste it into your address bar or click

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Posted by Xenoc 23rd April, 2006

for a first, this is actually not bad, especially if you made your own graphics, i played it for about 3 minutes which is pretty good for a breakout game
Posted by steve 23rd April, 2006

firespell? Your the guy that ruined Peblo's game arnt you? Hacked the online highscore table or something...

Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 23rd April, 2006

I made all the graphics myself.

@steve: i did one cheat score. the other person who will remain nameless did the 100's of other cheat scores.
Posted by Werbad 23rd April, 2006

Im so envious of your avatar ... Anyway, its not bad for a first game an its good that you did your own graphics and not used library gfx.
Posted by Silveraura 23rd April, 2006

Some simple powerups, blur effects, nothing extremely amazing, but unlike many people here, you show that you actually did some work learning MMF, before you just slapped something together and called it your first game. And for that, I encourage more, good job.

The only real major improvement isn't for the game, because you can only improve a breakout game so much before you read the peak, and I really donít feel like encouraging the improvement of a breakout game. My advice how ever, is to get a better host. The only good host I really know is:

It shuts down pretty often (around 1-2x a month) but itís pretty well respected as far as downloads, for its quick speed and the 100MB of web space. Give it a look-see.

Posted by Keatontech! 23rd April, 2006

Sitesled is always down, try or something...
Posted by Wicked Studios 24th April, 2006

thats kinda wierd because every time i check sitesled or try to download something from it it seems to work fine for me...

Posted by Ganymede Graphics 24th April, 2006

now it dosn't let me log in!

Posted by Moonyjacob 24th April, 2006

i recon that sitesled is not that good...everything i look at it comes up with somthing strange!

i have not submitted 1 game yet
Posted by 24th April, 2006

Pretty good, could use some more "add on's" to make it more intresting.
Posted by cybertronic 24th April, 2006

-_- i admire you.
I have tried so hard to change from that stupid gamemaker over too MMF but i just don't wanna use my time on it -_-
Posted by Hempuli 24th April, 2006

Use The games factory! it is easier!
Posted by Del Duio 24th April, 2006

Hey how did you do the blur effect for the ball? Kinda' reminds me a bit of the "shadow" that follows Alucard in Symphony of the Night.
Posted by 24th April, 2006

I would like to learn that too.
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 24th April, 2006

Nothing really special. Use it for whatever you want.





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