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Anything Encrypter
Author: DELETED!_by account owner Submitted: 30th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 151

Edited By firespell on 30/04/2006

Anything Encrypter version 1:

firespell can not be held responsible for any data loss caused by this program. We recomend the use of the random key generator if your files need to be kept safe.

You can use this encrypter to encrypt almost anything from exe to text files. Just enter a password click encrypt and choose the file you wish to encrypt. Always make a back up before encrypting a file This program overwrites the original.

*Uses blowfish extension.
*my first application.

Lol i know there are plenty of encryption apps out there i was just bored.

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Posted by Simon Colmer 30th April, 2006

Just using the blowfish object! Maybe you could continue this program and make it more indepth e.g. encrypt all files in a folder and sub folders etc??
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 1st May, 2006

it can encrypt multiple files at the same time
Posted by Liquixcat 1st May, 2006

Yay, I made this too. Mine's better.
Posted by Isbeorn 1st May, 2006

I think a lot of people have done this.
You'd need to add something special to make me interested in this
Such as encrypting whole folders.
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 1st May, 2006

i might update this with the ability to encrypt folders in teh future.





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