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firespell's Mini Golf
Author: DELETED!_by account owner Submitted: 12th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 244

Edited By firespell on 12/06/2006

Mini Golf

This is one of my best games. It was fun to make and is fun to play.

- 9 hole course.
- 2 Difficulty levels.
- 2 Control types.
- Cheats.

To get the ball in the hole under the par for that hole or you will lose a life.

(Options menu to select type)
Control 1: Use left mouse button only.
Control 2: Use Arrow keys and left mouse button.

Go to options menu and press ~
SET_RANGE (press enter after u have set it)
SET_LIVES (press enter after u have set it)
GO_? (replace ? with level number)

Please leave usefull feed back. I did not copy harry he copied me i was un able to complete this fast enough. I hope you enjoy playing this great game.

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Posted by Christodoulou Apps 14th June, 2006

Unfortunately the link and your screenshots do not work
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 14th June, 2006

link = fine.
Screenshots = fine.
Posted by 16th June, 2006

Good Game, Firespell!
One of S.U.M.G.O.O's best!

Posted by tdc052621 17th June, 2006

its a piece of crap, btw, dont go around and ruin other people's games, you were impersonating people and kicking on pokemon online. I personally think the website should ban anything with the name SUMGOO in it.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 17th June, 2006

for some reason my download keep on sticking at 64%
Anywayz , is this game published by S.U.M.G.O.O. lol!
Posted by Greasy 17th June, 2006

This game is annoying.
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 17th June, 2006

*SLAP* for last 3 posters.

@Zimtower: Yes i did but thats on a completely different site....

@HBK: Thats odd try again later. Yes it is a sumgoo game.

@Greasy: What kind of retarded comment is that.
Posted by 17th June, 2006

dont make trouble with people, they just dont happen to like your game. its okay, some people dont like my games.
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 17th June, 2006

the only 1 i have a problem with is greasy who didnt rly exlpain why its bad...
Posted by Greasy 18th June, 2006

I think its bad because, you have to wait for the aimer to go around in circles. The bouncing is fairly glitchy. And thats the reasons it's annoying. But the rest of the game is fine.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 21st June, 2006

I agree with greasy, but I have to say that the holes themselves are entirely too small, and far to easy to beat.
Posted by DaVince 24th June, 2006


1. As said before, you have to wait to point. It'd be better if you could just use the mouse to point.
2. When you missed the hole, the ball is set back to the start. Minigolf isn't supposed to go like that!
3. The graphics are a bit too plain. Add a bit texture to it.
4. Don't use colours over each other that don't fit well, for example the red text on a green background can hurt some people's eyes, like mine, and it isn't pretty to read.





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