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Author: Fanotherpg Submitted: 6th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 367

Edited By Fanotherpg on 5/10/2008

Title: Imperia
Kind: Real Time Strategy
About: Originally it was RTS game like Age of Empires or WarCraft with 7 nations (British, Celts, Franks, Germans, Vandals, Normans and Vatican ) Every nation will have different campaigns, units (with different stats) and spells Max unit limit will be 20, and 3 ages. It will be 5 buildings, 7 different units and 4 spells different for each nation. But I stopped work on this game when I ended tutorial and you can download it as example. But it don't have any comments but events are in groups. I hope that somebody would use it.

Game as also examples provides
- Minimap updated in real time (with cursor only in MMF)
- Square selecting in all directions
- Information about units life and name (for all units only in MMF)
- 5 different buildings for each nation
- 7 different units for each nation
- 2 upgrades for each nation
- 3 ages for each nation
- 2 nations (Celts and British)
- Very good AI for all units

TGF 1.6 game Open Source version:
MMF 1.5 game Open source version:
RTS Course based on Imperia:
AI engine example based on Imperia:

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Posted by 6th June, 2006

Looks good, i will download it later.
Posted by BeamSplashX 7th June, 2006

I demand loud and annoying march music.
Posted by Jakob37 10th June, 2006

Looks good but I can`t download it
Posted by Fanotherpg 11th June, 2006

Click right mouse button and save object as. It's on lycos so you can't download it directly from other pages that ..
Posted by Jakob37 15th June, 2006

I must say that it is pretty good but it is also a lot of bugs in it.
Posted by Fanotherpg 16th June, 2006

For example what bugs Jakob W? I want to remove them all for a better engine in future...





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