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Star Cage
Author: Lachie Dazdarian Submitted: 31st August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 140

Edited By Lachie Dazdarian(KENTAURI) on 7/17/2007

Star Cage is top down space shooter and can be played in single player or two players split screen mode. It features "Seek & Destroy" type of engine where your ship is always fixed, while everything else is scrolled and rotated as you move and/or turn the ship.

You can play the game in two modes. The regular story mode where you need to pass 4 stages(plus a boss stage) filled with various alien space crafts and a special head on head mode for two human players only, where you need to destroy the opponent.

Star Cage was inspired by a rather unknown(I think) Amiga game entitled "Transplants" or something like that, and I was actually coping that game and not Seek & Destroy. The main features of Transplants were the mentioned engine, circular play field and two players split screen mode, all of which was successfully recreated.

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Posted by quefuk 31st August, 2006

Very enjoyable! Thumbs right up
Posted by Trooper 1st September, 2006

nice game you got here. thumbs up
Posted by Tim 1st September, 2006

Lol pretty funky

Thumbs up from me too
Posted by Zethell 2nd September, 2006

Too easy.. other than that.. Great work.
Posted by Strange Culture 6th September, 2006

This is good game that may have slipped under the radar a bit. There have been a million games like it before though, if it had not been for the 2 player co op mode this game would not be very unique. If you want to get more people to notice it change all the ships to x wings and tie fighters and call it star wars instead of star cage and it will get three times as many downloads.
Posted by Zethell 23rd September, 2006

Well im a hardcore gamer!

Posted by Tomssuli 3rd August, 2007

Hey, this is great! I loved Transplant in the good old Amiga days and still play it on WinUAE because it's one of the best space shooters ever!





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