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Author: Lachie Dazdarian Submitted: 25th November, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By Lachie Dazdarian on 11/25/2008

In my attempt to create competition for Lake Queen for the next GOTW (of course, only formally, as I know that this small game will deservingly get butchered), I'm submitting one of my older games (although not that old) that was created for a Space Invaders competition, where the goal was to create a game of any genre, but only using the graphics from the original Space Invaders. I didn't do well in the competition, but all in all, I think this was a solid and interesting entry. Other participants simply created more fun games.

Basically, this is a Super Tetris clone (not really the same as Tetris), but with a twist. Instead of revealing a picture by clearing lines, you invade a ship with squids aligned in Tetris pieces and reveal parts of the ship by clearing lines. The game is level-based and each level (ship to conquer) requires a preset number of lines to clear. The game only comes with cheesy retro sounds.

It also features a classic Tetris game mode.

For some reasons I was unable to capture the addictiveness of Super Tetris (the gameplay in Invatris is mostly tedious), but it's a challenging game with a head and tail. I don't consider it fully complete as I discarded an action segment I originally planned, but hopefully few people will have fun with it.

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Posted by Ski 25th November, 2008

Seemed like a well made engine, but I wouldn't say this is competition for Lake Queen. It's more like a Tourey Entry. You also spelt "because" wrong in the introduction, which you maybe would have noticed with more testing? I also hate it when the close button is disabled and I have to press escape and then scroll down the menu to quit, just to close the game Ill rate later, if I decide to play it again...
Posted by Marko 25th November, 2008
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I liked this game, very well made indeed, especially for a competition. The graphics where well made, retro-wise, and the game very much reminded me of the Spectrum version of Tetris, minus the loud screaching music. I would have scored it higher if it had have had the loud annoying music!
Posted by Jon C-B 25th November, 2008
Rated :

Fun and addicting game! Got 12,750 points
Posted by -J- 26th November, 2008

15,050 points. That's right Job C-B, read it and weep. Lol jks.

Anyway, I loved the gameplay of this game

I'm a great fan of tetris and this took it to the next level. Very well made!
Posted by erghhhhx 28th November, 2008
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I like this alot.

*Make the game a little harder (by making it faster, perhaps)
*The "blocks" rotate in the "wrong" direction, don't they?

A worthy clone of the worlds most addictive game!
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 29th November, 2008

Just a note that I didn't have time back then to properly balance the high score table, so the scores in them ended up being too small. I think scores above 30 000 should be realistic if you reach stage 4 or 5 (the last one). I think I was able to reach stage 5 once, but never finished the game, so for my taste, it's quite difficult.

Anyway, thanks for liking the game.

Comment edited by Lachie Dazdarian on 11/29/2008
Posted by erghhhhx 1st December, 2008
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Gotw for sure!





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