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Furious Farmer
Author: Rhys D Submitted: 15th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 303

This is a game I made in an hour last saturday night. After finishing it off today i decided to upload it to get some feedback.

All comments/reviews are appreciated.

You basically control a farmer who has to catch falling objects that some kids are throwing out of a balloon. Tends to be a tad addictive


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Posted by Rhys D 15th June, 2002

Posted by ben_02 15th June, 2002

Yay! this game isn't bad for a one hour job!The gameplay is limited, but the presentation is excellent.
Posted by Spug 15th June, 2002

lol, yes, not bad at all! The graphics are quite nice on the eye :)
Posted by Poke & Gravy 15th June, 2002

Gr8 GFX for an hour! Addictive, reminds me of an old Game & Watch GAme
Posted by Duncan 15th June, 2002

Cool game, but the high score table sucks!
Posted by Rikus 15th June, 2002

you call 1 meg big? /me hugs his cable connection
Posted by Killerjedi 15th June, 2002

1 meg is really small, my new project(hint hint) has only 1 level done so far and it's over a meg!
Posted by Georgie 15th June, 2002

I don't know, Didn't play very far before I got bored with it. Its really just like anyother catch the dropping items game I've played. Which first started with LION KINGS BUG CATCH. Only one I've liked recently is Pie Panic, which I can't play with IE 6.0
Posted by Georgie 15th June, 2002

Also, is there any reason your game deforms/modifies my screen so that it shrunk and pinched at top/bottom?
Posted by Rhys D 15th June, 2002

georgie, sorry i dont know why it does that :P thanks to everyone for the nice comments :)
Posted by Rhys D 15th June, 2002 made the highscore table ;) and arthur..i wouldn't have a clue to why it is so big. It's not really that big if you think about it.
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 15th June, 2002

Great fun and simple game! Looks good too, nice work Rhys. Good game to play after one too many miller lights. Couldn't stop laughing.
Posted by AfterStar 16th June, 2002

Very nice simple game! Great Graphics! A thing i didn't like its that when i exit the game my screen stays at the Game's resolution and i can't do nothing but to restart the CPU!WEIRD!
Posted by Kramy 16th June, 2002

The graphics are great! The high score system doesn't work for me though....I got 26425 something on my first try.(And it didn't record it.:() Great simple game though! Kramy
Posted by Zircon 16th June, 2002

Heheh i've downloaded this for my lil sister.. Nice graph!
Posted by Simdrone052 16th June, 2002

Okay krisofor, between this little miller light joke, your bartending job, and thatduck shooting game that you made when you were drunk a while back, I'm starting to think that you may have a serious problem! :) Very fun game, the dithering in the graphics is very good, my only bicker is the repetitiveness, which i know is intended ,but I will only play it once, and i'm too young to drink, so having miller lights wont make me play it again either...
Posted by Simdrone052 16th June, 2002

oops, kristofor* heh
Posted by jast 17th June, 2002

"i'm too young to drink" That's absolutely impossible ;) XD
Posted by Jarmo 19th June, 2002

This game sucks :p! Sorry.
Posted by None41 20th June, 2002

I feed babies beer. Really only because of the alliteration with "baby" and "beer."





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