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Milber's Mail Run - Demo/Abandonware
Author: Rhys D Submitted: 10th October, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 170

Edited By Rhys D on 10/15/2009

Edited By Rhys D on 10/15/2009

I'm currently sick of developing this game, it's turned into more of a chore to add new levels etc...I developed it initially as a simple gameplay concept (see arcade mode) but decided somewhere along the way to add a storyline...

Adding another level of design needed to the game added a lot more headaches as the game uses no level editor (other than the frame one in MMF), very messy coding (i'm an artist mostly ) and no music currently.

I'm just stuck on what to do...and contemplating releasing it as abandonware and starting something which has tools developed to aid in the content creation, such as a level editor etc.

But yeah, there's a lot of stuff missing and the story mode is fairly short. Let me know your thoughts.


Shift - Jump
Arrow Keys - Move

General idea, deliver mail, avoid dogs and other annoyances.

The demo ends after the cutscene where Milber remembers where he parked his truck.

EDIT: here's the full game source and a quite large sprite sheet of all the graphics used in the game! enjoy

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Posted by Jon C-B 10th October, 2009

Awwww does hat mean you're quitting? I like the game
Posted by DMT 10th October, 2009

Aww, someone took this idea!
Posted by Rhys D 11th October, 2009

it's been done before, just in 3D
Posted by erghhhhx 11th October, 2009

VERY pretty game!
Posted by Ski 11th October, 2009

Pretty in places (although I suspect the menu screen isn't completed), but somewhat repetitive and unfair in places. I mean, having to avoid so many randomly bouncing around dogs in such a small area isn't that much fun.
Posted by Rhys D 11th October, 2009

yeah, I figured that out after realising I had tried making an arcade game with a story,'s why I tried to vary each level, but still keep the same idea.
Posted by The Chris Street 12th October, 2009

Make Milber 3! A proper platformer I liked the last one (though a bit short)
Posted by Jess Bowers 13th October, 2009

Rhys D... I love the pixel art! Fantastic stuff.
Posted by Rhys D 13th October, 2009

haha circy, very tempting! the old ball with an afro might be taking a back seat for now as I finish up my diploma.

jess - thanks!





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