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Milber 2
Author: Rhys D Submitted: 22nd September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 939
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Edited By Rhys Davies on 2/22/2007

Edited By Rikus on 4/10/2005

Finally, after 5 months of off and on work, i've hopefully finished a project that I probably shouldn't have started (due to my lack of motivation when it comes to creating large games).

Milber 2 is a platformer, the sequel to the original TGF version, which was released a fair while ago (maybe some people remeber it?)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed coming up with the design, drawing graphics and slaving away at it for all this time

Thanks must go to Hamish for the platform engine, and most importantly Josh Whelchel (TwiTerror) for the wonderful 20 song soundtrack that is included in the download.

Edit: I left out a very important tester who has been there all the way, thanks also must go to Rob Haseldine (aka SircatmaN) for helping out whenever he could!



p.s. here is the download for the first Milber game. Please don't think too much of it, it was made back in the day...

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Posted by Rhys D 24th September, 2003

glad to see some people are beating it :)
Posted by istvan 25th September, 2003

'Usually it's because it actually makes people more angry when they see an almost perfect game with a tiny flaw, than a mediocre game with a ton of flaws.' i think this game was good, i liked the intro movie and i think the GFX are great, but its far from almost perfect. theres not much original about this game, the gameplay is just the same old platform movement- however it uses this well, its doesnt feel as fun because its not very original. i also didnt like how you gave the cute little characters serious 'human' storylines, however this is just my opinion. plus there are a few bugs, atleast on the one i downloaded, i believe there is a fixed one now. good game, which could be a lot better if it was more original. cheers, istvan;)
Posted by SircatmaN 25th September, 2003

Hey Rhys, cheers for the mention ;) This is a great game by the way and I must stress how much effort Rhys put into it. Sometimes you people ar ea little ungrateful! ;) Anyways, Sorry I havnt been able to talk to you much lately Rhys, I just got back from england on Monday. Will catcha up on MSN soon.
Posted by Pete Nattress 25th September, 2003

what's all this talk of tomatoes? anyhoot, i've downloaded and am impressed so far. haven't got through level 1 yet as i am very tired. but i shall try tommorow.
Posted by istvan 25th September, 2003

hill gigas, ive been quoting everyone lately, im just used to it cus ive had so many assignments. i was quoting you because you said this game was almost perfect, and i beg the differ. no offence to Rhys ofcourse.
Posted by SircatmaN 25th September, 2003

*Sends the Russian Mafia around to Istvans house to 'show' him how good the game is and how wrong he is* >:D
Posted by Rhys D 26th September, 2003

any more reviews?? 171 downloads :D
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th September, 2003

is it me or is the continue feature... err... not working? i get to the grape king, die, continue and i'm back at the start!
Posted by Rhys D 26th September, 2003

you have to beat him to get the continue. sorry :P
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th September, 2003

grrr. that's ok, i'll try harder. was doing it half assed anyway.
Posted by Strife 26th September, 2003

Grrr. That alien boss is really getting on my nerves! One shot from his beam-thing and I die instantly no matter how many lives I have. Whatsupwitdat!? :\ Maybe you could fix that in version 1.2... By the way, I noticed that Milber 2 made the top 5 list. Congrats! :D
Posted by Dogzer 26th September, 2003

thx everyone.. I made this game =)
Posted by istvan 27th September, 2003

nah, i do still think this is a great game, dont get me wrong. by the way, shutup dogzer
Posted by Rhys D 2nd October, 2003

avoid the beam ;) :D
Posted by Rhys D 3rd October, 2003

Close Jon, they are infact Milberries :)
Posted by Rhys D 3rd October, 2003

Posted by Dungus 4th October, 2003

WOWOWOWOW!!!! That game was awesome!!! It's the best platform game ever!!! It even beats Fish Head 3!!! GOOD WORK...
Posted by Strife 4th October, 2003

It beats FH3??? Oooh, tough call. This game WOULD beat FH3 if it was longer. By the way, the collectable 'apples' are only in the first world (with the grape guys). Whatsupwitdat?
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 4th October, 2003

Umm in my opinion i dont thikn you should really compare it to other games.You should say I know it beats this game!Though you should say"In my opinion i think this game is better than fishhead 3."Thats my opinion i do think it beats FH 3 i never really cared for it in my opinion , but no game is definitely the best.
Posted by - Yelnek - 5th October, 2003

This is an awesome game...I wishe it was longer :(
Posted by Rhys D 5th October, 2003

sorry its not longer. i dont have much time these days :P and yes, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, i can live with it, unlike some other people that post games on this site :D
Posted by Rhys D 5th October, 2003

also, sorry about the story :D hell, at least it has one ;)
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 6th October, 2003

really great game :) found two bugs, in level 1, first water place, you sometimes get...i dunnow. itsa like youre in water but everything's reversed. and in the castle/church level, the spikes dont kill you if ya hold ctrl :/
Posted by Dark One 7th October, 2003

After 5 months of work you came up with such a short game? I woulda expected more from a platform project that's been going for 5 months even with off and on work. Oh well. Too easy though.
Posted by Rhys D 7th October, 2003

It's not really five months of work. It's actually about 2 weeks, spread over 5 months. I just put "5 months" because that's how long its been in the development stage. You may start a game say today but then put it off and finish it in day, a year later. That allows you to say, "this game has been in development for a year with on and off work." Anyway, glad people like it and dislike it :) pity to see that The Hill Gigas deleted himself from the DC.
Posted by G@vie 7th October, 2003

Hey this is a cool game, I'm a big fan of sidescrollers. Can't kill the second endboss, I have to play the mine level again, and again. Oh well.. I MUST finish it :) Kickass work
Posted by -CGman 9th October, 2003

Nice game and while not the best, it shows a lot of effort. Excellent gfx and music (some of the SFX I'd heard before though). Major Bug: Hold Control throughout and you can pass through most hazards (but not all)! Good job!
Posted by Linus Software 10th October, 2003

Well, a good game, but not perfect. The graphics were beautiful, but I didn't like the character design. The music was original, but very boring, and not especially catchy. The controls and the game engine were excellent, and the challenge was good, but a little too short. I had fun with it, but I had expected more. Overall: A good game, but could need some polishing.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 14th October, 2003

Oh, so that's where Hill went. He deleted his comments from my game too. I'm yet another person saying this is a good game. My only problem is the inconsistency: the game starts with a great mario feel (partially due to the graphics)but later on the feel changes completely when you come across (admittedly well drawn) men with guns and blood, and the wierd lady boss. There are also problems with insta death on spikes, that seems a little harsh. Still great though. Most complaints are pretty small (like this one) and the game's still pretty long, I for one can rarely survivework on a single game for long enough to make something like that.
Posted by Rhys D 14th October, 2003

thanks jimmy :)
Posted by Rhys D 15th October, 2003

thanks for the review, klikreview :)
Posted by Rhys D 17th October, 2003

and AntiMatter
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 21st October, 2003

No problem, Rhys! Thanks for Milber 2! :)
Posted by Wormware 26th October, 2003

NIce game.. ---Smeby: jumping in midair??--- didn't notice.. But I love the pixelgraphics. The music is boring but the game itsself! : great! Keep up the GOOD WORK! poof: woof ;p BTW: I think you should be able to change the resolution, i think the graphics will be even better! ;D
Posted by Rhys D 27th October, 2003

the dog was called foof :( not poof ;_;
Posted by Wormware 28th October, 2003

Wow, sorry.. But I played the game didn't ? When is Milber 3 done? :p
Posted by Rhys D 28th October, 2003

lol, thats ok, i was just joking :P and milber 3 will be done in about 20 years...
Posted by Maurice 3rd November, 2003

Good game, guy! When did you release the first one? It kinda sucks to play the second w/out playing the first, but its still a good game...
Posted by Rhys D 3rd November, 2003 - there's the first one. don't think too much of it ;)
Posted by Evil Monkey 30th December, 2003

Come on, this game wasn't that great. It's way too short, and the music needs better samples. Chip music is definately not my favorite style. The first two bosses were easy but the last one is too hard. I have no idea how this got into the top 5 downloads.
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th February, 2004

discovered a bug yesterday: i jumped into the water on level 2 holding both left+right and i started moving through walls diagonally! i tried again but it didnt work. i should have taken a screeny
Posted by Rhys D 26th February, 2004

must be a once-off then.
Posted by joelr_2000 10th April, 2004

didnt like it, too quick and ya die heaps easy, its alright but not good enuff for the top 5! fishhead 3 is top 5 material in my opinion..
Posted by Alltower 11th May, 2004

I know this game uses the Furry engine, but did you have to make it JUST like Furry? Seriously its just Furry in a diffrent package and a few bosses. You could have done so much more with such a great engine.
Posted by The Chris Street 8th September, 2004

I think there should be a Milber 3... but it should be well planned out. I remember when this was first announced years that there'd be lots of multiple "choose your own path" type of thing. Well I only found the one - by the well. Don't get me wrong, the game is good. But not great... probably because of the lack of a ducking mechanism which Furry utilised so well. And the fact that this is so short. If I could compare this to a game, it would be Yoshi's Island on the N64: terrifyingly easy, but fun to play through.
Posted by Rhys D 10th September, 2004

Thanks circy :) Milber 3 is in production and it is going to use it's own engine, i'm mainly doing the graphics this time so I won't get bored of it and make it short :S
Posted by Bear Cub 27th July, 2005

great static engine dude ! keep up the good work :-)
Posted by AndyUK 29th October, 2005

haha static engine, i remember when people were calling them that ages ago.
Posted by Candi White 29th October, 2006

i'm having a problem extracting the game. I get a message that says file is invalid or corrupt. Please help.
Posted by Rhys D 22nd February, 2007

added new download link





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