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Uidjit - The MFX-Installing Widget!
Author: DeadmanDines Submitted: 10th November, 2006 Favourites:0
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Edited By DeadmanDines on 11/11/2006

UIDJIT - The MFX-Installing Widget!

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Uidjit is designed to help MMF2 users to easily install new
Extensions. Sometimes, developers simply shove a couple of MFX
files into a zip and distribute them. Personally, it bothers
me having to copy them across into the various folders of MMF2.

Ever the helpful little poppet, Uidjit assigns herself as the
default handler for .MFX files (unless another app is assigned,
in which case you'll have to press a button in the Settings
screen to associate Uidjit with MFX. She won't presume).

Then, from windows, a zip file or any other kind of archiver,
you can simply double-click an MFX file to bring Uidjit running
to your desktop.

Once Uidjit is running, you can also drag an MFX file onto the

There are three basic buttons:





Pressing this button will copy the MFX file to the Extensions


Similar to the above, this will copy the MFX file to your Runtime


This will call up a very simple box, where you determine some
options and settings for Uidjit. This box is displayed the first
time she runs.

(more in Readme file)


Uidjit comes in a Zip Archive. It should contain the following files:
- UIDJIT.exe (the main application)
- ICON.ico (the icon that will be given to MFX files
if you associate them with Uidjit)
- README.txt (This readme file)

Extract these files together into any folder, and run UIDJIT.exe.

This App is still in testing phase, so any bugs, tell me.
It's not as advanced as I'd like, because a lot of crucial extensions
(i.e. Registry Object) haven't been ported to MMF2 yet.


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Posted by The Chris Street 10th November, 2006

Woah I'm having a hard time reading that.
Posted by kankki 11th November, 2006

Sexy GUI FTW!! Nice. I'll be using this! Maybe a "Do both" button which copies the MFX file into both extensions and runtime?
Posted by DeadmanDines 11th November, 2006

Or just press one button, then the other

Sorry about the text, btw, I have my browser text set to 'larger' so it's okay for me. I'll get rid of the code tags (and with it all my indentation)
Posted by kankki 11th November, 2006

I guess I was a bit lazy
Well, I simply loves that style of application! Those bubbles make me wanna pee!
Posted by kankki 12th November, 2006

I've got a li'l thing to complain on, why are the copy buttons so off to the left?
Posted by DeadmanDines 12th November, 2006

Yep, that's exactly why
Posted by phraZe 13th November, 2006

Oh my god . The interface is perfect, the idea is perfect, and both works without problems!! I love this garuanteed 10 out of 10 in rating!
Posted by DeadmanDines 13th November, 2006

LOL, thanks...

Now I've got the Registry Object for MMF2, I'm adding a few new features. Next version will locate MMF automatically. You can also assign a category (or several) for the MMF2 extensions. And hopefully, it should be able to install extensions in older click products like TGF and MMF1.5 as well.
Posted by kankki 13th November, 2006

Yeah GOX+COX Btw, why haven't this been frontpaged yet Oh well...





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