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Mouse - Revenge of the Hourglass (ALPHA DEMO)
Author: DeadmanDines Submitted: 14th January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 98

Edited By DeadmanDines on 1/19/2007

Edited By DeadmanDines on 1/15/2007


This is a very basic Alpha Test Demo of a game. It contains only three levels, for testing purposes.

I need people to test this and try and spot any big gameplay bugs before I start building the other levels (I don't wanna have to go back over 20 levels pasting bug fixes or updated behaviours).

The idea for this game came from Tim of Silvernova's Pointless, linked below:


At the start, your mouse will flicker and vanish. You must navigate it around each level, picking up as many Tokens and Point Globes as possible. At any time, you can advance to the next level simply by standing on the blue teleporter panel and pressing space. But it's best to pick up all the Tokens, since each 100 will grant you an extra continue if you die.

You can hit walls a maximum of 6 times before you die.

Although you can't see your mouse pointer, various things are strategically placed to give hints. Water will splash when you walk through it. Leaves are displaced as you walk over them, and when you pick up an item or hit a wall, a flash will reveal your position. You also become visible all the while you are standing on the teleporter panel. Some surfaces (such as the teleporter panel) also make certain footstep sounds when you're on them.


Your little mouse girlfriend, Mimi, has been mouse-napped by the evil Hourglass! He's always envied you for taking the limelight! But after endless hours of scheming during saves, program freezes and file downloads, the demented timepiece has finally got his own back.

You must now rescue Mimi from HG's lair. Simple, eh?

Not quite. Ever the cunning little turd, Hourglass has switched off the Windows GUI.

...You can't actually see yourself.

Which is a bummer.


Copy all files to a folder and run the exe file.
The following options haven't been added yet:
- Load Game
- Credits

Please tell me of any bugs you find, and/or your opinion of the game. Ta muchly, now moosh!

(EDIT: Third level added)

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Posted by Fragasnap 17th January, 2007

Funny game

I didn't find any bugs, except once the sound stopped working for about three seconds, but chances our that my computer's fault.
The only thing I have to recommend is that you should change the menus because they are weird since you use the keyboard on the main screen, but the mouse on the rest of them, just pick one or the other.

Oh yeah, press Control+P and the game will pause and you can see the mouse, if you move it the mouse in the game will move in a straight line to where you placed the mouse while the game was paused.
Just set it up so Control+P, Control+Y, Control+M, and Control+S don't do anything.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 17th January, 2007

Very pretty, nice graphics and solid gameplay. Quite enjoyable. The only problem is there are so many games like this you almost can't be bothered playing another one.
Posted by Joe.H 17th January, 2007

Game over didn't reset the number of globes I had.
Posted by Quadralien 17th January, 2007

When you get to the continue screen, the Escape key doesn't return to the main menu. I can also confirm that globes stay after a game over.

Other than that, quite a nice game. Good luck with the rest of it.
Posted by Noyb 17th January, 2007

Pressing space multiple times on the exit restarts the sound and countdown to the next level.
Posted by Del Duio 18th January, 2007


Dude, I just submitted MY mouse game too! It'll be a battle o' the rodents this week
Posted by Zethell 19th January, 2007

Mighty Joe: isnt that a good thing thou ?
Posted by robin90 19th January, 2007

Impressive game indeed ! Apart from the bugs mentioned above, I cannot find any others. Looking forward to the full release
Posted by Joe.H 19th January, 2007

Leto: It is, but I don't think it was intentional.
Posted by DeadmanDines 19th January, 2007

CTRL+P, etc commands removed
Globes not reset on Gameover
Quitting from Continue Screen
Space key delaying the frame exit
(Various others)

Mouse works with main menu
Posted by TheoX 19th January, 2007

Nice game! Pretty hard though.
Posted by DeadmanDines 19th January, 2007

Yeah, there are tricks to make it easier. I may make the earlier levels a bit simpler too, cos there are supposed to be 20 levels, and these are kinda harsh.
Posted by hapsi 20th January, 2007

Nice. What's the point to show menu or settings screenshots?
Posted by Johnny Look 20th January, 2007

I don't get the point of this game, but the graphics aren't bad.





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