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Mystic Quest DEMO
Author: Ben Warren Submitted: 9th April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 93

Edited By Chris Street on 4/10/2007

Edited By Ben Warren on 4/9/2007

Whilst clearing out some old floppies (A:/!!) I found a very old Klick 'n' Play game demo that I worked on years ago. In the interests of a laugh, I've uploaded it here. I'd love to see what people have to say about it after all this time.


In the beginning Dragons where everywhere. In the skies, in the hills, and under the seas. It is said that when the world was young, they where already old. But suddenly and without warning they all vanished. And not one Dragon of old has been seen in the world since that faithful day. In their absence, the race of man began to grow and spread, and soon the mighty Stygian Empire was founded that spread from the middle lands to the cost seas. But not to the western continent of Gaia, where water fortifies it from every side. The Emperor, a cruel man, brought with him a new age of technology and used it to conquer the rest of the known world. With his twisted machines he has preserved his life for a thousand years, and is ever plotting to make Gaia his own. But the people of Gaia have control of powers beyond his understanding, for they can harness the Magic in the earth, and no technology can match it. And so the stalemate continues, Gaia alone and unconquered, and Stygia, that covers the known world.


13 years ago, the Empire heard rumour of a small child who had been born in a village not far from the capital city. This child possessed a strange birthmark on his right hand, in the shape of an eye. Scared and angered, the Emperor declaired that the village should be burnt to the ground, and every man woman and child to be killed. All except that five year old child. Who was brought back to provide entertainment in the Imperial Arena of Death. There the child was thrown into a cage of crazed monsters, armed only with a hunting knife. To the Court's amusement, the boy survived, and was consequentially sold into slavery as a Gladiator. Ever since that time, he has been forced to fight and kill just to be fed and allowed to live another day. Unable to make friends, or trust anyone on pain of death. It was a cold existance, untill one night that boy, now a man, snuck out of the dungeons, and managed to escape out into the world beyond the arena walls . . .


If you are planning to get anywhere fast in this game, you will need to know how to navigate your way around the gaming screen. To aid you in this, the following is a complete listing of every control within the game that you will be required to use. Study it well, and you should have no problems.

UP ARROW = Move your character North.

DOWN ARROW = Move your character South.

LEFT ARROW = Move your character West.

RIGHT ARROW = Move your character East.

SPACE BAR = Confirm action / Scroll text.

ENTER = Skip cutscene / Begin game.

SHIFT = Jump (certain screens only)

1 - 0 = Cast spell in-game.

F1 = Help text.

F2 = New Game.

F8 = Hide the menu bar.

Q = Skip to introductionary sequence (title screen only)

CTRL + P = Pause Game.

CTRL + S = Stop / Play sound effects.

CTRL + M = Stop / Play music.

ALT + F4 = Quit the Game.

PHYSICAL COLLISIOIN = Interact with objects / People.

THE MOUSE = Multiple selection functions.

NOTE - Almost all of the game's graphics are rips from Gameboy classics that have been taken from screenshots and rom by myself and coloured. Sound has been similarly ripped. This was my first game attempt with KnP (or any games maker engine).

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Posted by Ski 9th April, 2007

Oh my this looks cool, downloading
Posted by Ski 9th April, 2007

Hmm the link didn't work for me
Posted by Zethell 9th April, 2007

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest... lol..
Posted by s-m-r 9th April, 2007

Yeah, the link is kinda busted. But once you receive the error message, look in your URL bar; just replace the characters between "Mystic" and "" with a single space. It should work fine.
Posted by Ben Warren 9th April, 2007

Hmmm - looking into fixing the error right now guys, I can't apologise enough.
Posted by Ben Warren 9th April, 2007

Ok download link fixed. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by Tim 9th April, 2007

Aww lol, thats cute. *downloads*
Posted by Ski 9th April, 2007

Posted by Zethell 10th April, 2007

Is this a remake of the original Mystic quest, or did you just copycat them and think that i would never know ?
Posted by Fanotherpg 10th April, 2007

Nice little game. And it's funny Thumbs up.. My GOTW if allowed
Posted by Ben Warren 10th April, 2007

ooooh I never thought it'd get a GOTW vote!
Posted by Joe.H 10th April, 2007

it's a demo, therefore, due to the gay rules, it's not allowed.
Posted by Hempuli 10th April, 2007

Application initializing error?!
Posted by Fanotherpg 10th April, 2007

Joe demo was allowed to a GOTW (2 weeks ago?) and in last days are so little number of productions that better not say.. And if some mega-minigames which are nth to this GOTW had an start in GOTW and some win..
Posted by Joe.H 10th April, 2007

If a demo was allowed in, it's probably because nobody told Flava or circy or whoever did it that week that it was a demo.

Generally, if a demo is put in, and they don't know it's a demo, it's removed when they find out it's a demo. (there was a demo in this weeks one originally).

However, I understand that whilst it may not be a complete game, it should still be able to compete for some sort of award (perhaps demo of the week hint hint clubsoft).
Similarly, shareware games are not allowed either.
Personally i think they need to re-do the whole system to include ALL games, shareware, demos etc, seeing as they allow tutorial packs (i'm sure they have done before) which are neither games nor applications.

TDC is silly. But oh well, i doubt it'll change any time soon.
Posted by Zethell 10th April, 2007

Damn you Ben Warren! you ignore me!

Then i shall asume the worst!
Posted by Ben Warren 11th April, 2007

Apologies for the late responce LetoZeth, I'm in England so my time doesn't always overlap with other users. It's a mixture of homage to the underlooked title for the gameboy, and original working. Basically I was just trying to see if making an rpg on the (then new) Klick and Play system was doable. And then my story-writing nature kinda took control.
Posted by Joshua M. 11th April, 2007

Mystic Quest? That SNES game was easy.
Lemme check out this Mystic Quest.

Hmm, pretty good game actually. One of the better KnP games I've played.
Posted by Ben Warren 11th April, 2007

Ah, of course - I'm actually referring to the Gameboy 'FF Mystic Quest' I think it got retitles 'FF Adventure'in America. Actually not an FF, it was the first 'Mana' game in the series.
Posted by Joe.H 11th April, 2007

It was Seiken Densetsu in Japan.

Secret of Mana was Seiken Densetsu 2

But yeah, I never really got in to FF Mystic Quest. I think it's the only FF I've yet to complete (Not including the new ones (everything X-2 and before i've completed, 8 just recently).
The games are easy, but they're fun to play.

I'll try this when i can be bothered clicking download
Posted by Fanotherpg 11th April, 2007

And that demo which I mentioned was at 3rd place in GOTW? Or sth like that.. But even if this game wouldn't be added to GOTW like for now IMHO it's the best game in this week..
Posted by Paul_James 11th April, 2007

it was FF Adventure (America Version) noticed thats where u got alot of ur sprites. FF Adventure was great, although not as non-linear as the zelda games (thus - getting wiped clean by LOZ: LA for the gb)
Posted by AndyUK 12th April, 2007

I'm in England too and ive got Final fantasy adventure for the gameboy.
Must have gotten an American game without realising.
Posted by DaVince 13th April, 2007

Hey, I just finished Mystic Quest for the Gameboy! Downloading...
Posted by DaVince 13th April, 2007

Hm... I hate the mix of FF/Mana MIDIs in this. I figured you were going for Gameboy style music...

The screen is very small and can't be resized. Kinda annoying.

You have exactly one battle command, and you have to click it with the mouse... Pretty boring, and the mouse control is weird.

The battle stopped as I typed this message. It's ATB and I didn't even know?

I'll stop criticising because I just noticed this is an ancient work of yours. Nice pixel art!

And LOL, Pokémon sprites!
Posted by Introversity 14th April, 2007

Pretty cool, I've seen all the sprites before, though.
Posted by BROO 14th April, 2007

KNP :---).
Posted by DaVince 14th April, 2007

Did you lose your nose somewhere?
Posted by Reno 14th April, 2007

wow knp. looks like a scroller. cool
Posted by DaVince 3rd May, 2007

Posted by Zezard 11th July, 2007

Well, the story might have some potential, but the game itself is'nt very fun.

The battles are just a waste of time, you can lose them only if you fall asleep during one. It even seems like the damage is the same every time you hit.

The mini-sized window combined with the slow game speed ruins the impression of the graphics.

Isn't it a bit cheap to solve the interaction problem with collisions, even though I must admit that it's faster than the classic press-a-button-in-front-of-everything?

I'd like to see your story in a more interesting rpg.





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