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GOLDEN AGE: Endless Dungeon
Author: Ben Warren Submitted: 21st April, 2011 Favourites:3
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 167

Edited By Ben Warren on 4/21/2011

Edited By Ben Warren on 4/21/2011

Beneath the town of Kainford lies a maze of traps and furies known as the Catacombs. Somewhere deep inside, a relic has become active, poisoning the earth and water of Kainford. Grandfather leads a troop of CORE soldiers into the Catacombs in an attempt to destroy the relic, but they haven't been heard from in a week, and people are still dying above ground. There is only one choice: seek the relic!

- Randomly generated dungeons: new game every time
- Over 50 items, 20 enemies, and of course, infinite levels!
- A high score board with daily high scores and a Facebook connection to play against friends
- High difficulty and a need for tactics
- Great GBC-era feel
- Download to your PC or play free online now!



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Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 10th June, 2011
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No comments? This looks amazing, I love roguelikes and this looks to be a pretty solid one. Downloading now!

This game is awesome. I love the graphical style, something not often encountered with roguelikes. It's pretty basic compared to some of the ones I've played but to think you've done all of it yourself is quite cool, this is a high quality game made with love and care. The control scheme could be more user-friendly, but most roguelikes are similar so anyone who loves the genre won't be turned off. May I suggest a fullscreen mode, though? I'd like to have it stretched to fill my screen, it'll pixellate it but the game window is pretty small for my resolution and at least having the option would be nice, even if you don't personally like the look.
Comment edited by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) on 6/13/2011
Posted by Ben Warren 14th June, 2011

I'm looking into a more advanced 'sequel' edition at the moment and a Full-Screen mode is certainly on the list. It IS a stripped down Rogue-like at the moment, aimed at getting non-players into the genre. Again, the next installment should bring more features to the table
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 16th June, 2011
Rated :

I can't wait, mate... I'm a collector of Roguelikes and I'm interested in seeing what you do with this. Favourited for sure.





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