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Shadow's Reach DEMO
Author: Ben Warren Submitted: 3rd March, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 100

Edited By Ben Warren on 3/5/2008

"Join Errol, a crazy young Bard and sole follower of the God of 'Shiny Things' as he walks in the footsteps of heroes in an attempt to chronicle the greatest story ever written. A tale of fanaticism, bravery and the strength of a promise . . ."

A classical RPG set in an original world of high-fantasy. SHADOW'S REACH blends a rich and detailed worldsetting with a compelling storyline and a wealth of mini-games.

Shadow's Reach is an RPG in the traditional sense, I've done relatively little to modify the basic workings of RPG Maker 2000, but have been able to push those systems into new and interesting dimensions. At heart it's a game about character, mixing a strong plot-driven story and collection of interesting characters with a multitude of mini-games, subquests and missions that should help to waylay the linier qualities of the main adventure. Effort has been made to turn the world into a rich and interesting world-setting with sub-stories and a history to explore. Whilst the demo only contains a few books that can be brought and read in the Libraries, the full version will contain almost a hundred tomes that contain everything from Enemy stats to short stories and poetry. The characters themselves each have scripted personalities that vary from the comical to the heart-felt.

Normally I would not think to upload a non-click rpg onto this site, however the recent flux of rpgmaker games seen on the front page caused a friend to convince me it was worth it. Please forgive the relatively large size of the game (especially for a demo!) but this is because of high-quality sound files going into the end product as well as some areas containing a lot of optional in-game material that has nothing to do with the main quest and everything to do with deepening the playing experience. Please be aware that this is a DEMO and that elements are subject to change.

MINI-GAMES and SUB QUESTS are aplenty, some in plain sight and some that you'll have to dig for. I'd be interested to see how many of the cunningly tucked away secrets people can find and if anybody can beat the whole thing before I post the walkthrough up onto the forum.

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     (108 mkb )

Posted by -MacAdaM- 3rd March, 2008

haha first post
Posted by viva/volt 4th March, 2008


Anyway, I'll download later then leave a proper comment.

EDIT: Oh, 108mb is a bit heavy for me actually...
Comment edited by Ben~ on 3/4/2008
Posted by -Liam- 4th March, 2008

Erm. No.

This game is looking like a possible definition of i-i-incredible...!


Also at Bennington's comment
Posted by -Liam- 4th March, 2008

Aww poo-poo

I don't have RPG Maker's RTP installed
Posted by Ben Warren 4th March, 2008

I'm trying to find a place online where it is easily downloadable to add the link for ease of play - though a quick google hunt for those keen enough should yeild results too.
Posted by phanto 4th March, 2008

Did you make the graphics? Or is it some premade stuff from within the RPG maker editor?
Posted by Ben Warren 5th March, 2008

It's a mixture of rips and heavily self-edited material. A few sprites are built from scratch but mostly simply edited. I felt very much that I should get the full story and systems down then work on original music, graphics and sounds. That said the opening track is 100% original and written specially for this game (Here I Am - Vicky Smith). Amusingly the game so far to date in its entirety is only 110mb, and that is with over tripple the demos content. I guess most of the size is accounted for by the original song and the game basics, and everything after that is relatively small.
Posted by J.R.P 6th March, 2008
Rated :

Looks cool, i was going to get the RPG maker.....but i changed my mind! Maybe you can delete a few things to make it smaller. i have not played it but the screenies say it all........4 stars
Posted by Ben Warren 6th March, 2008

lol I'd cut it down if I could - but trust me this game is so PACKED with features that it's already as small as I can make it
Posted by Mr. Waffle 6th March, 2008

Um, if I remember correctly, there is an option in RM2K called "Make Game disk", which apparently creates an installer for the game- including the RTP files.

Never used it though, so if your game explodes- don't blame me. Blame the government.
Posted by Mr. Waffle 6th March, 2008

Or PizzaHut...
Posted by Ben Warren 7th March, 2008

Curse pizza hut! My version doesn't seem to have the option, lol





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