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Kingdom Hearts Triple Trouble DEMO
Author: Ben Warren Submitted: 5th August, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 56

Edited By Ben Warren on 8/7/2009

In a fit of ultimate boredom and in the knowledge that I owed a Kingdom Hearts RPG forum a gift, I set myself the challange of putting together a demo featuring one of their characters in a hack-slash game inspired by elements of 'Henry Hatsworth' on the DS. And the whole thing had to be done within two hours.

All artwork has been drawn in Photoshop using a design similar to that of Paper Mario and imported into The Games Factory Pro where I've constructed the elements of play and stitched together the animations.

The game revolves around clearing the area of a number of enemy units that will appear, attacking will increase the Skill Meter at the bottom of the screen, and in a style similar to Golden Axe, filling elements of it will allow use of progressively stronger powers (of which at this time only one is available). Using the shield to repel attacks is a necessity as you cannot jump, however using it will reduce the Skill Meter as well. Contact with an enemy both damages and reduces the meter to zero.

In the full version of the game multiple screens would need to be cleared in order to face a large boss encounter and clear that level. For the demo one room serves as a taster of the play mechanics and how things would function. Enemies drop jewels that can be collected, however as there is no play outside of this room they have no overall effect.

Please remember that this is just a demo - and one done very quickly in old software for that matter - normally I'd not post it, but I would appreciate suggestions for improvement from such a lively community as the Daily Click, for which I hold great affection.

--- CONTROLS ---

Left Arrow Move Left
Right Arrow Move Right
Up Arrow Face Background
Down Arrow Face Foreground
Shift Sword Attack
Space Shield
Ctrl Flame Blade
Reset Game F2
Help F1
Mute Sound Ctrl + S
Mute Music Ctrl + M
Quick Exit Alt + F4

Download is in .RAR format and contains a help file. It has been uploaded to Megaupload, if the link does not work please try this one:

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 (618kb )

Posted by DMT 7th August, 2009

First, do you mind adding a zip for those people who can't afford WinRar? Second, it looks NOTHING like Kingdom Hearts from the images. I mean, where's Sora/Roxas/Riku/Terra/Aqua/Ven, and where's the Keyblade? Sorry for being so complaining, but you can't have a Kingdom Hearts game without a Keyblade.

Or at least a Chainsaw as Nomura originally designed it.
Posted by Scott S 7th August, 2009

You don't need to buy Winrar. >_>
Posted by DMT 8th August, 2009

or WinZip or whatever you need to open .rar.
Posted by OMC 8th August, 2009

He meant WinRAR is free.
Posted by Aptennap 8th August, 2009

Just download 7zip...
Posted by Rhys D 9th August, 2009

Winrar is free, just has a nag-screen when you open it that reminds you to buy it
Posted by Rhys D 9th August, 2009

p.s. cool graphics but I cant help but notice the character in the first screen has peg legs and arms hehe
Posted by Ben Warren 9th August, 2009

It's based on a fangroup's characters, so there won't be anything but recognisable enemies from the KH setting. WinRAR is free, and newer WinZIPs can open RAR files, so there shouldn't be too much trouble on that front. Anybody found any horrible bugs yet?
Posted by Sumo148 9th August, 2009

i still think you should of added a keyblade at least. Like Oblivion, etc.
Posted by DMT 10th August, 2009

Or a chainsaw!
Posted by Ben Warren 11th August, 2009

Well then I'll ensure that when the Skill guage reaches max we see some Keyblade Action then for the next demo
Posted by Van Tan Truong 12th August, 2009

yay a kh game ill be sure to play it





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