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Dan the amazing
Author: Rocketron Submitted: 9th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 114

Edited By Rocketron on 5/9/2007

This is a preview of a game that I have been making. Its not done yet. The real version will be released in ages but i would like to see what you think at this stage in development.

basically you have lots of guns and spells
WASD movement
double tap WASD to boost in that direction
mouse - aiming
LMB - fire weapon
CTRL + LMB - fire weapon's secondary fire
q e z x c - change spell (Q - teleport E - etherealise Z - fly X - mana shield C - Slow time)
RMB cast spell
CTRL + RMB toggle spell
[ and ] use mana//health potions respectively

oh yeah and numbers 1234567890 to change weapon

oh yeah and + and - on the numpad change sound volume


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 (7.5 mkb )

Posted by axel 9th May, 2007

My hobby: URL-hacking games that haven't been accepted yet.
Posted by Rocketron 9th May, 2007

Posted by Guru Rinpoche 9th May, 2007

Awesome assortment of guns, albeit too should narrow it down to nine or so, the best ones of the bunch, one of each type (minigun, plasma gun, etc)
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 9th May, 2007

P.S. Is that a picture of you in the game? because if it is your avatar is very misleading
Posted by Bricnic 9th May, 2007

It looks pretty cool, but the blood is quite unrealistic compared to all the other effects. You should make it darker and more fluid like, instead of bright solid red clumps.
Posted by Rocketron 10th May, 2007

when i make the game propperly you won't get all the guns at the start you will find them throughout the course of the game.
The picture is my friend who edited the game and added those bosses and a few guns
what just change the picture of the blood??
Posted by DaVince 10th May, 2007

Rocketron: if your game isn't accepted yet, you can still find it by typing in the correct ID number in the URL.

Looks interesting, downloading.
Posted by axel 10th May, 2007

Aww, there are no pending downloads today
Posted by Rocketron 10th May, 2007

by the way this version my friend edited ignore all the obviously stupid weapons please.

also: just to help because its not obvious, you can use the etherealise spell to pass though the wall on the right obviously ill add a tutorial at some point in the future but not yet. there is more level past there.

oh yeah and if you want to, the ` button opens the console, some console commands are "god" "managod" "sv_recoil x" "sv_timeconstant x" (where x is a number)
Posted by Tim 10th May, 2007

Also, if you look in the 'weekly top 10' bit on the downloads page it has the games that are pending there too

So no need to guess id's.
Posted by axel 10th May, 2007

Yeah, I've noticed that as well. No need for guessing though, the IDs are incremental so you just add one to the ID of the latest download. Heh.
Posted by Rocketron 11th May, 2007

any other comments about the game?
Posted by Joshua M. 13th May, 2007

Why is the executable called Penisgun.exe?
Posted by Johnny Look 14th May, 2007

Posted by Rocketron 14th May, 2007

because my friend added a gun called the penis gun for a laugh and called the exe that. If you want a slightly updated and non-retarded version:
Posted by Zethell 16th May, 2007

Defeated the very.. evil face.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 19th May, 2007

I really like that bright blue ray on the last screenshot! how did you get that effect? I've been trying to do bright effects like explosions and shit and can't get hang of it...
Posted by ben mercer 30th May, 2007

Some of weapons are pretty cool, and so are the spells. Some of the weapons and spells seem to just kill me whilst others are completely useless (like the pistol and kung fu).

Very angry, angry music.

Posted by Tomssuli 8th June, 2007

Nice, I've been planning to make a game with a large arsenal for a good time too... Only that I thought I'd make it top to down. But this is very cool! Nice effects when bullets hit... and some beautiful beam effects!





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