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Necropolis Rising
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 10th October, 2007 Favourites:2
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 439
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Edited By Del Duio on 10/17/2007

Necropolis Rising was one of my pay games, but I'm trying a new business approach. If people really enjoy the game I would ask them to please donate a very small amount of moolah to the DXF Games development fund. I understand not many klickers are too keen on this idea, but like I said it's optional. If this system works out, I may never have another pay game again!

Stuck? Info? Donation?
Check out the official Necropolis Rising Homepage!

At any rate, better to eat my bandwidth now before Hasslevania kills it later.


A great war was waged between the forces of good and evil. Many on both sides were lost, but in the end good won as they always do. The leader of evil, the foul necromancer, was killed by his own blade and put to rest in a forest tomb with his magic spellbooks..

Years pass, and the tomb was raided time and again. Every spellbook except one was stolen, the tome of "Command Bone", a resurrection spell. One night a thief broke into the tomb and tried to steal this book. Disaster struck somehow and now the necromancer has returned to

Weakened in body and lacking an army, now you must guide the necromancer through the kingdom's six areas to seek out your magical spellbooks and regain your tremendous power. Also be on the lookout for your mighty death horn. With this instrument you can recall your undead army to take on the King's men in the final battle!



Stick = move the necro around
button 1 = use spell / item, sift through inventory (while the screen is up)
button 2 = open / close inventory, cancel the ghost drone


Arrow Keys = move the necro around
shift = use spell / item, sift through inventory (while the screen is up)
ctrl key = open / close inventory, cancel the ghost drone


"Q" key = quick exit


I didn't update anything new for the game, so those who didn't like the perspective or how the entire tree blocks your path or the necro's jittery-ness probably still won't like this, however you will have a lot more time to play the game and quite possibly... like it!

The game is in the same vein as NES's Blaster Master in that there are no continues. Die once and you have to start all over again. The only thing that does carry over are the Dark Power points you can earn by completing several nefarious deeds like burning down houses or finding runes. Collect enough of these points to earn Dark Power rewards that you will begin with each new game afterwards.

EDIT: Temporarily hosting while Sitesled is a douche, I say thanks be to FanotheRPG!!

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Posted by yaror44 12th October, 2007

Download not work
Posted by Fanotherpg 12th October, 2007

It's free full version which was sold for some time.

I almost ended it (I only don't have Twister Spell and Demon Ring) so it's my GOTW !
Posted by Del Duio 12th October, 2007

Hmmm, the link works now maybe Sitesled was down or someone else was downloading it at the time?

Fanotherpg, did you get the underworld key yet? What do you think of the underworld and which section is your favorite? (red or purple) I like the music for there a lot. It was sort of a mistake because I reversed the music and flipped the notes, then slowed the tempo down a lot and screwed around with the file until I got what ended up being the final music for there. Those high notes you hear used to actually be low bass notes. Because I flipped them around they are now in the 7th or 8th octave.
Posted by DaVince 12th October, 2007

No, it's Del's GOTW. Hopefully.

Meh, the collission is kinda buggy on this thing. I had problems hitting enemies too, and the slowness of hitting/being able to walk was kinda blocking the gameplay smoothness too. Other than that, I like it.
Posted by Del Duio 12th October, 2007

I should have an updated version really soon, in a couple of days or so. I'm going to use what I learned about MMF since this was made to make the movements better DaVince. At first I wasn't planning on touching this, but there's a lot of interest in this game all of the sudden now so I better get cracking!
Posted by Johnny Look 12th October, 2007

I find any donation system pretty frustrating.
You'll hardly find any donators, and even if you find any, I doubt they will be give away a lot of money.

Either you start working really hard on a single game and make it shareware, or just make a couple games just for fun.

I hope I'm not being too pessimistic, just trying to give you some advice.

The game looks great btw downloading...
Posted by Del Duio 12th October, 2007

"I find any donation system pretty frustrating."

Mine is very easy, it's a single button that goes directly to my secure PayPal account.

"You'll hardly find any donators"

Yeah, you're probably right but hardly any donators is better than no purchasers of your stuff, I always say.

"and even if you find any, I doubt they will be give away a lot of money."

I never asked for a lot of money. On my website it says that 50 cents or $1 is cool. Plus it's entirely optional

"Either you start working really hard on a single game and make it shareware"

See: Equin Village. That took me 3 years. I can't do that too many more times because it sucks the life out of me for a long time afterwards.

"or just make a couple games just for fun. "

See: Everything else I've ever made. I think right now I have 1 shareware game and like 10 free ones. I always make little games for fun (Lab Rat, CotG, Equin Adventures, This one, etc.)

"I hope I'm not being too pessimistic, just trying to give you some advice."

Don't worry, nobody's more pessimistic than I am lol Like I said, one donation > no buyers, giving it away free and having many people play my games >>> nobody playing them if they don't sell. This whole donation angle is something new I'm trying, if it doesn't work I guess I can always lock new games up for sale again but I'd rather not

"The game looks great btw downloading... "

Thank you! I'm working to try and fix things in it in a few minutes actually!

Posted by Fifth 12th October, 2007
Rated :

Gwahaha... a dark victory, at last!
I was a little sad that I didn't really get to use all o' my cool spells at the end, though.

...I had a really climactic moment against the king, though. The battle was raging, and I was trying to fend off the soldiers, but got kinda overwhelmed... and then I looked at my health: "2" ...and realized I was one hit away from death; I'd never make it!
...Unless I took one last stab at the king. So I rushed over, swung my sword, and BOOM! The battle was over! Ah, how lucky...

And I'm now about 100 points away from the underworld key. I'll pick it up later, 'cause I really want to know what's down there.
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th October, 2007

I've got all the spells/items discovered all the secrets found about 20 bugs and all PMed to Del so hopefully maybe in GOTW will start corrected version of game The underworld section are awesome but I ended them even on first level of my hero (some bug which I mentioned to Del) I now will try to defeat King with 1 lvl Necro that would be fun
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th October, 2007

Ok level third is the lowest level on which you can end this game because one level you get for Teleport and one for killing red paladin And I DONE IT hahaha Del next portion of bugs info on PM
Posted by Del Duio 13th October, 2007

Okay, some of Fanotherpg's bugs have been addressed (but not all, he's so damn thourough lol) and uploaded. You can download the game again from the link above. It's version 4. I couldn't fix everything or else my timeline with Hasslevania will be compromised so I appologize, but I did fix a bunch of stuff. I tried to incorporate a custom movement to stop the jitters but after hours of trying it out my end result was a lot worse than before- The necro came to dead stops whenever one side of him touched ANYTHING. The made it so that his control was way worse, so for now it's the same.


Necro can swing his sword slightly faster.
Runes and items SHOULD be reset when you die. (I hope!)
Most Dark Power rewards costs have been significantly lowered. Fifth should have no problem getting everything as the highest cost for the demon ring is 500 now
There was a bug with the alchemy spell vs. Cat Mage that is gone now.
Spells and arrows can't go through any cactus now.
A much-needed SKIP option was added for the opening storyline upon starting a new game.
You can't pick up treasures by swinging your sword anymore. This allowed for wicked cheap treasure hunting, and I can't believe I never noticed it before!!
The ending / opening credits were slightly altered.

The demon ring's in-game description has been changed to help players understand just how good it is:

Demon Ring- When you put this on, you can't attack, so what good is it? Well, any enemy that materializes on the same screen that you're on with it equipped will be struck by an invisible curse. The curse reduces any enemy's speed, HP, and damage to 1. The effects are permanent. Now you can swap out to your sword and one hit kill pretty much anything with it. To balance things out, any cursed enemy gives you only 1 EXP as a reward.

Oh, and killing butterflies or flowers gives you 1 EXP. I just confirmed this last night while replaying it. I too won the game with only 2 HP last night, but what sucked is that I went into the battle with friggin' 38 HP to start!! I was freaking out thinking I was going to die when I should have cleaned up the joint. My problem was I only took out one horseman so there was still the other plus 2 templars with the king, which made it harder.
Posted by Del Duio 13th October, 2007

I just put in a new screenshot above of a great situation to use the Ghost Missile spell. I don't think I've ever had 3 cat mages on the same screen like this before. They were shooting lasers at me, but they were nullified by the house. I could stay far away and use the ghosts as like guided missiles and take them out without harm.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 13th October, 2007

Heh, I liked this, althought the screenshots weren't really promising. I must complain as few others on collision. And I'm not a fan of not being able to save game. I also lost my dark points on one point, which was annoying. Why exiting with Q doesn't save my dark points really? Q should kick you to main menu. Period.

Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 13th October, 2007

Erm...the game froze twice on me, and I could end it only if pressing F2 or Q, both erasing my accumulated dark power points. Both of this happened when I died. I one instant I was both killed and using heal potion, and in the second I got killed while completely stuck in the wall (pushed by an enemy).

I'll be honest and say I loath bugs that influence on the gameplay. There are developers who take care to remove them, and there are those who annoy players with buggy versions of their games. For now, I'm giving up on this. F-u-c-k it. I don't have time to play the game over and over hoping that this time my dark power points won't get screwed. Pity, as this is something I enjoyed playing.

Posted by Del Duio 13th October, 2007

Yeah, it's still buggy in places. If I had more time to devote to it I would but that's not the case right now.

If you ever get stuck in a wall you can use the Tomb Warp spell to get out of it. An imperfect solution to an imperfect game.

There is a "Q" button for a quick exit in case you're not supposed to be playing the game wherever you are (work, wife, etc.) Some people like a fast exit, but you're probably right about booting to the main menu.

Sorry you didn't have a good time with it Lachie.
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th October, 2007

I in base version have got over 1500 dark points in two days and ended game several times so it isn't so hard and bugged but if someone like easy games like Diablo it's his opinion.
Posted by Del Duio 13th October, 2007

Bah, Sitesled with its downtime again. It hasn't hardly happened at all this year, why start now?
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 13th October, 2007

Well, sorry if I was a bit harsh. I just hate bugs. I'll try again later.
Posted by Del Duio 13th October, 2007

It's okay, I can't really blame you. I have done a lot and lot of bug testing for Hasslevania already so rest assured that I do learn from my past games

I can't believe that Sitesled is STILL down. I swear they must wait until I release something and then pull the plug. This happened last year with Equin Adventurers too, grrr..
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 13th October, 2007

Hrmp...I got drown, becuase I was stuck, got bored and did the stupid thing...let's see what happens if I land on that nenuphar leaf.

I reached the castle, ransacked all the world, but missed the lightninig spell, and got confused with purple locks.

I might try again.

159 dark power points so far.
Posted by markno2 14th October, 2007

Very fun game :}. Graphics and animation have a nice style. The 'lifting of the book causing the dead to rise' was an obvious nod to something ;P. Good range of magic to choose from too. I found the death horn, but accidentally skipped the message that comes up when you find it >__>. How do you use it? I'll try finish the game again soon.
Posted by markno2 14th October, 2007

The music is good too.
Posted by AfterStar 14th October, 2007

I can't access your website,nor download the game or see your screenshots...hmm strange,no more bandwidth?

I want to try it .
Posted by Pozik 15th October, 2007

I'm too

Upload game at alternative server
Posted by Fanotherpg 15th October, 2007

Sitesled (server) is down so for now you can't download it like everybody else you have to wait : ( (Del send me a V4 at my mail and I will place it at my server )
Posted by Del Duio 16th October, 2007

Sorry I've been gone awhile, my daughter and I had food poisoning Sunday night and basically slept all day yesterday.

If Sitesled is still down tomorrow I can e-mail you V4 Fanotherpg to temp host at your site. I can't do it from this computer unfortunately. (It's too old, doesn't support even flash drives blah.)

I tell ya, I figured the one good thing to come out of me being sick / out for so long was that at least Sitesled would be back up and running at the very least.
Posted by Del Duio 16th October, 2007

Oh sorry Markno2, you need to use the death horn outside your evil castle to call your undead army. That's how you get to the final fight w/ the king.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 16th October, 2007

Haven't been able to download the damn game, but I really want to.
Posted by Del Duio 17th October, 2007

I should have a new host / link by today, thanks for being patient guys!
Posted by DaVince 17th October, 2007

Are you cursed, Del Duio? This is the second time this has been happening for you.

Email me and I'll mirror it on my server.
Posted by Fanotherpg 17th October, 2007

A Necropolis Rising Version 4 mirror
Posted by DaVince 17th October, 2007

Oh lol. Yay!
Posted by Del Duio 17th October, 2007

Updated! The download button hast been fixed!

Yes, it would appear I am cursed in this regard DaVince. The last time this happened was last year when Equin Adventures was up for the GOTW too. Spies! Treason! Foul-ery!
Posted by Fanotherpg 17th October, 2007

But you will probably won Almost no votes for other games But it isn't su huge advantage which have got Parodoxym
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 17th October, 2007

yay! thanks!
Posted by Fanotherpg 17th October, 2007

If Del would ask me and send me game earlier I would host it earlier but it is good like it is so, now everybody can play it and if there would be some problems I would host it the same or another day on other host. And place info about it.
Posted by Del Duio 17th October, 2007

I would have sent it earlier if I anticipated Sitesled would have chosen now to stick me. I'm already looking at options for Hasslevania so that doesn't happen with it either (and most likely due to regular downloads of it would eat bandwidth and get this same result anyhow.)
Posted by jpSoul 17th October, 2007

it's too difficult
Posted by bhlaab 17th October, 2007

the sound effects are pretty awful
Posted by AfterStar 17th October, 2007 time remember to put a skip sequence for the first introduction frames,it gets really annoying everytime having to wait a whole minute to get to the main menu.
And try to encrypt your configuration file, it's extremely easy for anyone to cheat.

I must say I was a bit disappointed by the whole gameplay,I was expecting something more I guess.
There is also,apart from the problematic collision too much random enemy appearances which I cannot predict or avoid while I'm moving.
Example in the underground in the desert...every 3sec a monster/soldier/wizard etc. pop out of nowhere infront of me,inevitably me hitting it due to the large collision area etc.

Nice game concept but needs more work I think.
Posted by Del Duio 18th October, 2007

Yeah, when I went back to add the storyline skip I was also thinking about the intro but then figured if one were to play more than once per session they'd only see the intro once anyhow but the storyline every time. You're probably right about that.

I know it's easy to cheat with the points, it's not something I was too worried about to be honest. If somebody wants to cheat and lessen their fun that's okay with me. Even though I know how to enable the one hit kill God mode of my Warcraft II playing that way sucks so I don't do it. I figure we're all big boys / occasional random girl and should have the option. Don't worry as I've learned a lot from this game and Hasslevania doesn't have this problem too.

The number and type of enemies that can appear in one screen is actually a set number depending on what are you're in. I don't have the numbers right in front of me now but I know that you run into far less enemies in Necropolis than in the King's forest or castle (as it should be IMO). Most of the harder enemies (except cat mages) don't appear in Necropolis too, as it's the starting area and will give NR newbies some time to get to learn how to play the game before throwing them in the fire.

The enemy spawn system, primitive as it may be works a bit like this: When you enter a new screen a value for MaxEnemies gets initialized depending on which area the Necro is in. Then, an invisible box bounces around the playfield, waiting until it both collides with the Necro's invisible target area and not overlapping any trees / walls or etc. When an enemy spawns, the MaxEnemies number is reduced by 1. If MaxEnemies is = 0, no more will spawn on that particular screen unless you leave and come back.

Thank you, I do like the idea but remember I'm no master MMF coder, especially more than a year ago when this was made
I think you will see some improvements in my next game.

Posted by -Vinny- 18th October, 2007

well the configuration and saves files and whatever files that contain information that loads into the game shouldn't be encrypted in my opinion unless it's meant to be competitive. leaving them available for editing gives the player a little more to do say when they're stuck on a level or want to mess around after finishing the game. that's why there are consoles in a lot of pc games now, it's so that they player can mess around with the settings and what not.
Posted by Del Duio 19th October, 2007

For some games I agree it shouldn't really matter. I tried using the blowfish extension before to encrypt the ini for Captain of the Guard but for some reason it kept crashing my game so I got rid of it. The two unfinished projects I have going on now both use arrays, which fortunately encrypt themselves by default. Besides the ini files would be GIANT and arrays are much easier to save and load.
Posted by \/\/olf 19th October, 2007

nice game man but if you want to sell your games, my advice to you would be to work on the graphics. give the game a polished look. anyway, great game, keep it up!
Posted by Del Duio 20th October, 2007

I wanted this to have a NES-ish look, so as far as this game's graphics it pretty much came out how I wanted it too. It was actually really fun to try and make the characters using such a small space to work with. Too bad I didn't limit the color palette, but maybe that wouldn't have looked that great.

Oh and thanks!
Posted by Fifth 7th November, 2007
Rated :

Posted by Fifth 7th November, 2007
Rated :

Hrm, I thought a commentless rating would work...
Posted by Del Duio 8th November, 2007

Thanks Fifth!

It kind of sucks hard for all the old games that nobody will go back and vote on but I guess it's better that they start now instead of longer down the road with this new rating system.

As the creator, I can't vote here so I'll go and vote for Lyle in Cuce Sector instead!
Posted by Hill Gigas 3rd July, 2008
Rated :

I'll come back and vote!
Posted by Del Duio 18th July, 2008

Wow, Shroomlock goes retroactive! Hooray!






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