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The Great Piggy Escape
Author: Del Duio Submitted: 20th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 198

Edited By Del Duio on 05/02/2006

One night you and your fellow pigs are awakened by the drunken louse Farmer McMullen. He's hungry, and only one thing will do- Bacon Dinner! To do it, all he needs is 3 pigs. You are the 4th pig, and decide that enough is enough!

It's time to save your friends, it's time to take out Farmer McMullen once and for all, it's time for the Great Piggy Escape!!

*A lush overworld of forests and swamps filled with dangerous forest animals and hazards like Snakes, Bees, Bone-Throwing Dogs, and even Bears!

*Search and collect useful tools to aid your quest like a flashlight, vitamins, and rubber boots!

*Bust out of your pen and eat apples on the ground- only to spit them out to kill your foes!

*Your ultimate goal is to find the barn key to open the barn and stop Farmer McMullen from turning your pals into bacon bits!

It's my first click game, done in MMF1.5. I did all the pictures and design myself, and the music too. I had to use some of the MMF sound effects for the animals themselves.

The file is quite large at 11.4MB. Hopefully people will like it enough so that others may suffer through the big download.

Please comment if you like it!

EDIT: The file cnc232.dll is needed to play the game. If you don't have it already (which I doubt), it is available at the DXF Games website also.

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Posted by Assault Andy 21st September, 2005

Fun game, a couple of pointers though: Maybe you could have some sort of effect when enemies die? (Blood, explosion, etc.) I think you should of used scrolling instead of 'screens', because the player can easily exploit the screens by going backwards and forwards to get apples. The boss is really hard, and I couldn't beat him :P.
Posted by Bommut 21st September, 2005

very cute characters. I especially like the racoon.
Posted by steve 21st September, 2005

does it use default movement systems? :S
Posted by izac 21st September, 2005

This game is cool:D i love the graphics and the cute music for the gameXD It's very hard to complete though, i'm stuck on the boss farmer! :P
Posted by Del Duio 21st September, 2005

Awesome! Thanks I'm glad so many people find the farmer hard! Here's a hint: Try to get ALL the power-ups, one will REALLY help you beat him a lot easier. Yes, it does use the default 8 direction movement. I can't make my own yet! LOL! I wanted the players to be able to exploit the apple finding, I had originally tried it when the apples didn't come back and EVEN I couldn't win it!! What I did was make the apples appear in less screens / harder to get. Yeah, I should've put something in when you nix the enemies, but wait until you see the new game I'm working on! LOL! That won't be a problem for that one =). I'm glad you like the racoon, it was hard to do because I was looking at a racoon poster on my office wall and tried my best to get it exactly right. You can do some sequence breaking, the game is pretty open ended in that once you know where the key is you can try to kill the farmer, but I don't think it's possible, so here's a hint: Get the flashlight first and look EVERYWHERE for dark places to go in. Oh, and I'm curious if anyone was scared the first time a dog popped up and fired a bone at you? Please, leave any and all comments you can, I'm so happy it's finally out and doing well!
Posted by Jason Dudie 21st September, 2005

I like this game.
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st September, 2005

nice but i found t a bit on the hard side. so i stopped playing. :D
Posted by izac 21st September, 2005

You guys have got to love this game i think the piggy's are cute! i hate that farmer guy! GRR! >:| i'm a vegitarian!:P
Posted by izac 21st September, 2005

I think the bears are scary:P
Posted by Jason Dudie 21st September, 2005

Posted by Fifth 21st September, 2005

Pretty fun. The first time I played I was ambushed by dogs while getting the key. The second time I was able to find all the powerups and defeat the farmer (it's just a matter of dodging the bones, and hitting him through a hole). I liked the open feel of the area, but seemed more like a single level than a full game. Oh, and there're a couple spots on the bottom where the trees aren't close enough together and where a sly little piggy can slip on through...
Posted by Del Duio 22nd September, 2005

Didn't know about the trees at the bottom, I thought I had all the bugs worked out, but I guess it's tough to get them all, doh! Yeah, that's the only way I killed the farmer too, you have to bust a barrel open and doge the bones. The vitamins REALLY help me a lot, one time I tried to go up past the barrels and beat on the farmer from the top of the screen but that didn't turn out so well ). True, it's sort of a small game. Once you know where everthing is it's not too tough to win, but it's not too shabby for a first try at least. Question: Did anyone ever use the mud puddles or know that you can walk through the logs?
Posted by Assault Andy 23rd September, 2005

I was frightened by the dogs the first time I saw them, but I didn't jump or yell :P. I never went through the mud. I tried to walk through the logs but I couldn't.
Posted by Moonyjacob 13th October, 2005

the piggy is so cute and the music is so cute.The graphics on the bear is really good.MAKE A GREAT PIGGY ESCAPE 2!
Posted by Va1entine 25th February, 2008
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I like this game, Still haveing problems beating the farmer! i've found all the power ups, i use the mud so the bees don't sting me!





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