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Noitu Love 2 Demo
Author: ZeroTau[FA] Submitted: 30th March, 2008 Favourites:7
Genre: Action Downloads: 538
24th Place     (4.69 / 5)
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I'm going to paste this off my site because I'm lazy:

The year is 2288. The city is protected by an organization called "The Peacekeepers League" and everything is swell except for that it's under attack! By a robot army lead by professor Darnacus Damnation!! Or is it... ?

100 years after the events of Noitu Love 1 the new star of the Peacekeepers is Xoda Rap, and what she has to endure is a sudden resurrection of the Darn armies, but adding to that the city is locally turning to places of the past! What could be causing this?

Using a mouse reticule as a quick-dash-to-enemies and mouse gestures for special moves, Xoda will take on anything that stands in her way in the name of peace! The game shares little in pacing and action to Noitu Love 1. It is more of a continuation on that universe, so expect much more mindless action!

Noitu Love 2 will be sold.

(Please report any bugs to "".)

Thanks, everyone!

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Posted by AndyUK 1st April, 2008
Rated :

Five stars isn't necessarily the same as a perfect score you know. It could be 9 out of ten rounded up.
Posted by Taofeld 2nd April, 2008
Rated :

I got stuck in the wall at level 2 (couldn't move or do anything at all)
Posted by Liquixcat 2nd April, 2008
Rated :

One man, One game. In a way this just pisses me right off!

Have 5 Stars for breakfast! You Bitch!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 2nd April, 2008
Rated :

Oh my freaking God. I'm buying this. You already know this, but damn you've done an awesome job, Zero. One of the best Klik games I've ever played, if not the best... and this is just the demo! Flawless battle system, absolutely amazing. Fantastic graphics, and the music is also brilliant. Who did the music, by the way?
Comment edited by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) on 4/12/2008
Posted by Imadjinn 3rd April, 2008
Rated :

I am totally buying this. My computer is a sack of crap and it ran perfectly. :S

I just about came when I saw the second stage (mini?)boss. Such an awesome sight.

Love the arcade feel. As has been said to death, it reeks of Gunstar Heroes and Metal Slug...


That's right, I said better. UP YOURS, COMPANY GAMES!
Posted by Cazra 3rd April, 2008
Rated :

So when will the full game be available to buy?
Posted by Carnivorous id 4th April, 2008
Rated :

Amazing graphics!!! I enjoyed it but the constant left clicking was a bit intense.
Posted by Goemon 4th April, 2008
Rated :

This demo is astounding... I've never been so impressed with a game made using klik products in my life. Multimedia fusion 2 is a hell of a piece of software, it seems!
I agree with Imadjinn, the game smacks of Gunstar Heroes, which is awesome. I loved Gunstar Heroes.

The graphics are outstanding, the presentation had me thinking the whole time about the 16-bit era long past. All in all, an amazing game experience.

Keep up the fantastic work! I'd love to play the full version when it's done!
Posted by Kirby Smith 10th April, 2008
Rated :

You should seriously work for Treasure or get somebody to port this to DS. Absolutely amazing graphics, controls, music, presentation, etc.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 12th April, 2008
Rated :

Forgot to rate.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th April, 2008

He already does freelance graphics work... Contra 4 on DS for example
Posted by Fish20 15th April, 2008
Rated :

Posted by donny duetch 18th April, 2008
Rated :

The full game is out, you can download it on the authors website - for $20. I figured I'd let everyone know, just in case you didn't already. Also, if you re-download the demo, it's been extended (I think you get the complete second level now).

Great game! I never thought games this professional were possible on MMF.
Posted by \/\/olf 19th April, 2008

very very well done. probably one of the best click games ever!
Posted by Vertigo 19th April, 2008
Rated :

Then why did you rate it 0 stars!? The extended demo is super-cool!
Posted by Imadjinn 19th April, 2008
Rated :

I bought it. I played it. I changed my underwear. Twice.

Okay, so I didn't change my underwear, but I damn sure played it to death! An ocean of pure, untainted awesomeness. Graphics, music and of course GAAAMEPLAAAY!

The bosses are all ingenious. I just want to go on and on and on about them but then I'd be spoiling it. I'll just say... NO! NO I WON'T SAY!

If you have 20 bucks just laying around doing nothing important, SPEND THEM ON THIS!

Posted by Cazra 19th April, 2008
Rated :

$20 ?! Well, I can't deny that it's a really good game (from what the demo promises), but that's fairly expensive for a klik game.
Comment edited by Snerlin - Im a wizard! on 4/23/2008
Posted by donny duetch 19th April, 2008
Rated :

Sure, $20 is a little steep for a click game, but had he never mentioned that this was made in MMF, I don't think you (nor anyone else) would have ever known. This is an extremely professional game and the author must have spent tons of time on this baby. I had no idea games like this were even possible on click software. He not only drew all the amazing sprites and backgrounds, but he did all the fantastic music as well. I was hesitant to spend the cash myself, but I wanna support this talented designer so that he will continue to make games like this. Someday, you'll be buying his stuff on the Xbox or something (and that'll cost you $60).
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 20th April, 2008
Rated :

AUD$20.20!!! I'm too poor to afford that...
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 20th April, 2008
Rated :

Oh my God, $20 isn't 'steep'. It's beyond fair, this guy's put his blood, sweat, and tears into this game. You don't see ANY games for less than $20, unless they're the kind of game that's destined for the bargain bin because they're just plain, uninspired gaming failures. If you can't cough up $20 for a game this good, you obviously don't have your own income. Get your parents to buy it for you or something.

I don't think it's fair calling Joakim 'arrogant' because he believes (rightly so) that he deserves to be paid for his frankly outstanding efforts. Just because it's a Klik game doesn't mean you should instantly slap a label on it and consider it not up to a commercial standard, this is the best thing anyone's ever produced with a Klik product and he deserves every dollar that comes his way. Sure, Klikking's a hobby, but that doesn't mean that if you're good enough you shouldn't be able to take it further. Stop being bitter that he didn't release it for free, you know it's just because it's the best thing in the Klik scene by far.

I just bought this, and I've never been happier after spending $20 that I had to work for. This beautiful game cost me one hour of my life, and now I'm going to get as many hours back out of it as I like. Kill, Xoda, kill!
Posted by Cazra 20th April, 2008
Rated :

Well, considering he's advertising mostly to poor college kids... Image

Sure, I'd buy it if it were between $10-$15, but it's a bit expensive otherwise.

Comment edited by Snerlin - Im a wizard! on 4/20/2008
Posted by Broomie 20th April, 2008

The demo was amazing, I'll be buying the full version.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 20th April, 2008
Rated :

Money in return for goods/services?! How arrogant!
Posted by Del Duio 21st April, 2008
Rated :

$20 ?! Well, I can't deny that it's a really good game (from what the demo promises), but that's fairly arrogant for an klik game.

C'mon, as long as these games look and feel professional, what does it matter if they're more than $5? If I could get $20 for something I made and spent a long time on, I'd do it too. You probably would too. A lot of us would.

I don't think I'd use the word "arrogant" to describe somebody actually wanting to be compensated for all their hard work. I say, good for him!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 21st April, 2008
Rated :

This work of art is beautiful. Nuff' said.
When I do have $20 laying around I will buy the full game. Great job. Utter great.
Posted by Cazra 22nd April, 2008
Rated :

Yea, so I went ahead and bought it. I've decided that the amount of replay it offers is worth it, so I'm sorry if anyone took offense at what I said earlier. I'm having trouble with the download link sent through the email. Some page that says:

"There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach, please contact the originating website's webmaster for help(004)."

shows up.

Anyone else have this problem?

Nevermind. It's fixed.

Comment edited by Snerlin - Im a wizard! on 4/23/2008
Posted by Cazra 23rd April, 2008
Rated :

Beat it!

Here are yer stars! =D

Posted by Jon C-B 23rd April, 2008
Rated :

excellent work! this own Noitu Love 1!!!
Posted by Cazra 25th April, 2008
Rated :

Anyone know how to get to the secret boss?
Posted by Jon C-B 28th April, 2008
Rated :

Now i play it again, the game play is too easy, i hope that the rest of the game has harder enimies
Posted by Codemonkey 6th May, 2008
Rated :

"I'm going to paste this off my site because I'm lazy" <--- Obviously not, this game looks like it took FOREVER!! Awesome game!
Posted by Entropy Blaster 19th May, 2008
Rated :

I bought it... Best Clickgame Ever
Posted by Fish20 1st July, 2008
Rated :

VVolf! Why did you rate it 0 stars! Now its not the best rated game ever.
Posted by UrbanMonk 16th July, 2008
Rated :

Awesome game! Great Graphics, Music, Sound, Gameplay,
Gotta Buy!!
Posted by JustinC 31st August, 2008
Rated :

Posted by TheoX 28th September, 2008
Rated :

Wow, what a great game!!
I am in awe. The graphics are perfect, and the sound/music fits greatly too.
Also, the first boss (I think) reminds of something from Contra Hard Corps (you get points for making cool robots like that).

I'll definitely consider buying this.
Posted by TheoX 28th September, 2008
Rated :

Forgot to rate.
Posted by Knockturnal 3rd November, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Hill Gigas 16th November, 2008
Rated :

I think I liked the first Noitu Love a little better. The first game had more interesting gameplay while this one is more of a beat'em up.
Posted by Ski 25th November, 2008
Rated :

"The first game had more interesting gameplay"

What? O_o
Posted by Nuniez 13th December, 2008
Rated :

The sprites are beautiful, the game-play is perfect, and music and sounds match the setting. JUST A PERFECT GAME!
Posted by dndfreak 14th January, 2009
Rated :

holy crap. That's the best DARN klik game I've ever seen, and I saw... well I can't even come up with something to compare! Actually, maybe project: Roller Coaster but that doesn't even have an open demo yet and it's a completely different genre... WHATEVER! I love it
Posted by Pixelthief 24th January, 2009
Rated :

I enjoyed the demo a ton, the graphics were beautiful, but the gameplay never really moved past repetitive shoot-em-up, not really anything special. Hope the full game had some sweet gameplay stuff built into it, the video looked amazing.
Posted by W3R3W00F 10th February, 2009
Rated :

How could I live without this. I so need to buy this someday.
Posted by Kazuma 16th February, 2009
Rated :

20 bucks? Nuu.
Posted by --Tom-- 12th March, 2009
Rated :

It's been reduced to 10 now. ^^
Posted by nim 17th September, 2009
Rated :

Just placing my vote. Bought the full game and still play it to admire the work that went into this.
Posted by Dogzer 12th January, 2011

best game i've seen!
Posted by animalBaby2 12th January, 2011
Rated :

peow peow laza gun!
Posted by bobby2 12th January, 2011
Rated :

lettuce time!





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