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Author: ZeroTau[FA] Submitted: 24th May, 2007 Favourites:2
Genre: Action Downloads: 643
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Chalk is all about drawing your way to all the glory.

Draw lines across shapes to destroy them, turn back bullets at enemies and defeat huge boss enemies by bouncing stuff back at them.

It's an arcade-game sized outing with the simple approach of a chalkboard. Because, you know, chalkboards are simpler than pen and paper...? Download it for some different arcade fun!

The whole game is controlled with the mouse and tries to have some original elements in its gameplay.

There's not much else to say.

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th May, 2007

wait what?
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th May, 2007

dw = don't worry?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th May, 2007

ah ha!

Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th May, 2007

Can we kiss now, Shab?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th May, 2007

The bald ones get all the love...
Posted by Zethell 24th May, 2007

Yoshi's Island.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th May, 2007

Anyone who already downloaded, there was a bug about continuing after you die that is now fixed!
Posted by ModernGameCreations 24th May, 2007

very original, very nice!
Posted by ModernGameCreations 24th May, 2007

Posted by Zethell 24th May, 2007

Pretty cool game, but after awhile it mostly only got me sick and tired, thumbs up thou.
Posted by viva/volt 24th May, 2007

Pretty nice engine, semi original things but i got kinda bored with the gimmick after level 1...
Posted by gemugemu 24th May, 2007

Thumbs Up !
Very great game !!
Posted by alexandre szybiak 24th May, 2007

great game
Posted by Fragasnap 24th May, 2007

In the help option in game, on the first page talking about the blue objects, it reads: "They can't hurt you, but try and draw on them and they'll be very annoying..."

The correct form would be to "try to draw on them" not "and".

Grammatical pickiness aside, it's relatively fun, but sometimes it isn't clear what you need to do (what are you supposed to do with those spike walls!?), and the difficulty ramps up a little too quickly.

But a little difficulty never killed anyone, err... actually killed anyone, Hehe.
My thumbs are up, but now I'm torn on GOTW...
Posted by alexandre szybiak 24th May, 2007

i'm glad i'm not against you for the game of the...

Posted by -Nick- 24th May, 2007

One of the most impressive games i've seen for a while nice one!
Posted by Aptennap 24th May, 2007

Great game!
Posted by alexandre szybiak 24th May, 2007

Personnaly i think it's the first level that is boring, too sloww too easy, the second and third are much better, incredible third boss.
I loved Kirby's paintbrush/canvas curse on the ds, it had a brillant boss fight at the end, but that was the only one, so i was a bit disappointed. But you did an incredible at capturing what was so great about this boss, whether you knew of this game or not...
Posted by Neuro 24th May, 2007

Fantastic! Nice concept, well presented and very solid I admit I did get bored at about level 4, however (after the Buddha-like boss). Oh, the sound and music was perfect, too.

I liked the learning curve, too. The amount of lives and health given was forgiving enough not to get too frustrated, and the bosses were very well done indeed!

I started the game without reading Help, and found it quite enjoyable figuring out what everything does through trial and error, hehe.

Very frantic action/puzzle game. Good job, ZeroTau
Posted by contra 24th May, 2007

Quality stuff as always.
Great gamedesign that shines in every department from graphics, boss patterns, to music. Good work!
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th May, 2007

Thank you everyone.

Just going to say that I added fullscreen mode to the game, even if it is a bit over-steered. ESC now goes back to the title screen. Refrain from using F2 if you are a fullscreen player...
Posted by Willy C 24th May, 2007

Great game man. Thumb up!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 24th May, 2007

"(what are you supposed to do with those spike walls!?)"

Posted by waffleton 24th May, 2007

Darn, is there no way to continue from a later level? D'x
Posted by Fifth 24th May, 2007

Hrm... I think this is a bug?
I was fighting against the sea bosses, and I just killed the starfish. The blue thing in the middle got blown up with the starfish (I think), but the little directional things are still circling. Now I can't do anything, and nothing's happening.

Anyway, this game is weirdly awesome. I think you do an excellent job in presenting a strange way of controlling, teaching the player the basics, and then really getting to the bizarre challenges. I've laughed aloud at points at how hectic it's gotten, and I'm only on the sea bosses.

Great job, once again!
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th May, 2007

Man... I THINK I fixed that bug, depends on when you downloaded the game. You mean, the bungee is gone? I think what happened is it never slowed down and flew away, and that SHOULD be fixed now...

God, I've had two fatal bugs now, and my testers never found them.
Posted by Pixelthief 24th May, 2007

Anyway, heres a bug; I paused the game, and minimized. When I re-maximized it, I found out you can't unpause the game. Bam, stuck staring at the same screen. It still responded to F2, at least. However, I don't have the motivation the play through the whole game again. You should REALLLY put a continue from X level feature in these kinds of games :/
Posted by Pixelthief 24th May, 2007

And theres a drumbeat stuck looping. I wonder if this could be that same .wav file problem that plagued so many TGF games. If so, the safest way to cut back on it is to activate windows 95 compatability mode on the .exe file.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th May, 2007

the pause bug is fixed, though
Posted by Pixelthief 25th May, 2007

Huh, I only downloaded it yesterday, iirc. Well I'll DL the new version.
Posted by axel 25th May, 2007

Great game, very nice and polished, and a fairly original concept as well. I quite enjoyed it, but like someone said, it starts out very slow, and can get a bit boring until you reach higher levels.
Posted by Fifth 25th May, 2007

Well, that just means you've got more of an opportunity to get big points on the easier levels. Go for more "multi"s and "overkill"s and whatnot.
Posted by nim 26th May, 2007

Great game, ZeroTau. I love the art style. Thumb upped!
Posted by Hill Gigas 26th May, 2007

very original, cool beans! Thumbs up!
Posted by TheoX 27th May, 2007

How do you damage the second boss? I've tried drawing chalk on him at all sorts of times (going by the strategy of the first boss), I've tried throwing blue blocks at him, when his white shields weren't in the way, and I tried drawing a combo from the green dot lines to his center. Nothing seems to damage him. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please? It's a great game.
Posted by TheoX 27th May, 2007

Actually, nevermind, I figured it out. I was dragging the blue blocks into him, not throwing them from a distance. When I did that, it worked.

EDIT: Just beat the game! I liked the weirdness of the final boss. Fantastic game!
Posted by Ando 27th May, 2007

I just finished it.
I am honestly amazed.

I really wasn't expecting that good of a game. The bosses were incredibly creative, the graphics simple but not amateurish... All in all, a wonderful game. I'm looking forward to more of your stuff.

Also, try playing it with a Wacom tablet. FOR THE WIN
Posted by Ando 27th May, 2007

Just hit me that you're the same guy who made Noitu Love. It all makes sense now.
Posted by Fifth 27th May, 2007

Just got A's on all six stages.
...And the benefit associated therewith.
Posted by The Chris Street 29th May, 2007

That's a pretty sketchy description
Posted by Diefox 29th May, 2007

oh my god!!! that was one of the greatest game i have ever seen on a Nintendo DS...
well... IT SHOULD be on a nintendo DS. this is awesome. What program was this game made on? MMF2?
Posted by ben mercer 30th May, 2007

Best arcade game on DC in ages, thumbs up for you and you get my GOTW vote.

Very original too
Posted by Attan 30th May, 2007

AMAZING!!! Everything seems to be so professional! I never got bored! I just couldn't stop playing! All the bosses where very well made, and the best part was that they where all very diffrent! Thumbs up, and GOTW!!!
Posted by Bibin 30th May, 2007

Hey you. Attan. Your fire avatar is based on that NES homebrew.
Posted by savvy001 31st May, 2007

this game yeah!!! al the way
Posted by renkin 1st June, 2007

Quite fucking genius. Very nice. You should approach Nintendo with this (thinking DS).

PS. If you keep making games like this, I might forgive you for not completing Mina.
Posted by C.J Workshop. 3rd June, 2007

I must admit im enjoying every minute of this. Everything about it is amazing.
Posted by Ricky 7th June, 2007

Posted by Airflow 1st July, 2007

I loved the final boss. It was creepy.
Posted by ]Alpha[ 25th July, 2007

I love ZeroTau games!
Nuito Love, Trip Line and now this!
Very good Job!!!






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