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Dr. Doc
Author: ZeroTau[FA] Submitted: 20th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 165
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Edited By ZeroTau[FA] on 9/20/2005

Edited By ZeroTau[FA] on 9/20/2005

Gustav and Zerotau of Fallen Angel bring you Dr. Doc!!

The poor Fufflers have been suddenly mutated into colorful monsters!

It is now your duty to collect the necessary fruit to cook up the right cures. Puzzle yourself through 36 different levels of three tiers, which get only harder and harder.

- 36 levels in three tiers
- Three different monsters to cure
- Several enemies and obstacles
- Platform puzzling
- Difficulty
- Not a single proper menu because of the fact the game was made quickly.

This game was made for submittance to the KlikMe mutation/evolution competition. Game's final placement not yet decided.

Due to the fact that this game was made very quickly there are no proper menus and there might be small bugs. Also, there is no music in this game. The game has what is necessary.

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Posted by Rikus 20th September, 2005

Nice cool puzzle game but its a shame its missing the music
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 20th September, 2005

Crap, forgot to mention here that me AND Gustav made this...
Posted by hishnak 20th September, 2005

Surrrre you did...Just joking. Cool game, very proffesional.
Posted by Ollie 20th September, 2005

Fallen angel games rule! nice work. It would be useful if you make dr doc look in a direction when you tap an arrow button rather than move. that way you could point yourself in a direction to jump over spikes instead of walk into them!
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 20th September, 2005

That's part of the puzzling element, Ollie, it's supposed to make it harder that way!
Posted by -Vinny- 20th September, 2005

[sarcasm]in other words he's too lazy to make that possible[/sarcasm]
Posted by The Chris Street 20th September, 2005

ALT + Enter for fullscreen if you don't know. Shame about the lack of music but I think this is a great game... if only I could review it at Klik-Me - but I can't, dammit.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 20th September, 2005

Well, in any turn-based game this is how it works with turning.
Posted by contra 20th September, 2005

Nice one! Oozes with professionalism and quality (like all FAind releases). Also very original gameplay, especially for a click game.
Posted by bernie[FA] 21st September, 2005

Well done, guys!
Posted by steve 21st September, 2005

Brilliant game. Very high quality. Loved the sound effects and graphics. I didnt mind not having music (as my Mp3's are always playing anyway) Very "nintendo" style. If I had to make any critisism: *pauses between death/respawn too long *a bit annoying getting used to pressing "jump" a sqaure before needing to jump. *monsters walked through spike pit (didnt expect that; and consequently one killed me ;) ) *needs alot more kinds of "fruit" in the game so player has to think about what colour potion combination will appear. (although maybe you already did this on later stages - I only played 4 levels so far)
Posted by Hempuli 4th October, 2005

Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 26th October, 2005

A very good game. The graphics and the graphical design is excellent though the graphics are not very complex. I didn't like the lack of documentation and poor presentation. The gameplay is very original(at least to me) and fun. This game could really use a save game feature among few other things I already mentioned. Well, maybe this is not the final version. I don't know(I NEED DOCUMENTATION!). Anyway, thumb up!





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