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Author: Aden Submitted: 21st June, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 135

Edited By Aden on 7/1/2009

this is my first game it has a title screen instructions credits 3 different levels including a bonus points level and a persanol highscore this game also contains music made by me.

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Posted by OMC 21st June, 2009

Keep it up!
Posted by AndyUK 22nd June, 2009
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Some nice backgrounds and the music is great.

It's a nice effort for a first game but sadly I can't give the game much praise.
The graphics are really dark which makes it hard to actually focus on properly. It's also a little scruffy, those snake heads for instance have a small white dot on one of their frames that killed me once. I gave up after continuously dying on a red block after being totally sure I landed just in the middle of it. Sometimes fine collision sucks.

A few problems were caused by your choice of Built in platform movement. Although for the most part there is little you can do to avoid some of it's strange features there are some things you can avoid.

1. If there is a jump between two platforms a block above them and a hole underneath. You can easily clip the block above reducing your momentum to 0. You can't actually move until you touch the floor so basically you fall and die.
You can avoid this by not having that kind of setup in your levels.

2. It's possible to climb up places that are too high. If the player has a long nose or even a strand of hair lol. You can hang onto a ledge and jump again.
You can avoid that by not choosing fine collision on your player object and making all of the animation frames the same size.
Posted by Aden 22nd June, 2009

ok thanks for the advice andyUK
Posted by Solgryn 22nd June, 2009
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I beat it 3300 score it's pretty nice for a first game You just need some more sounds, graphics and yea, custom platform engine but you'll get the hang of it
Posted by s-m-r 22nd June, 2009

I second the suggestions from AndyUK. It took me a long time to wrap my head around the concept of a custom movement platform engine, but it really does work great once you practice with them. It makes a HUGE difference in how your game plays.

The music was well done. And that background with the mountain and red sky behind it looks fantastic.

As you make more games, things will become much easier to do: graphics, movement, level design, and so on. So keep up your effort!
Posted by Jon C-B 5th July, 2009
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It was an alright first game. I liked the music but the graphics could do with a little work. Also, Shlurfy kept getting stuck in platforms when he was jumping and falling. In regards to the platform engine i recommend trying out the Platform Movement Object. I think it's great and really easy to use. Here's the link and good luck with your next games!
Posted by Jack Zhou 13th July, 2009
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Argh, default platform engine!
Also, suggestion, even if you're going to use default movement engines, use a different, block-ish object as the actual thing being tested for collisions; this addresses AndyUK's second point. The jumping felt a little stiff. Good attempt for your first game Image.
Comment edited by Jack Zhou on 7/13/2009
Posted by PotatoCannon 18th August, 2009

how to download??
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Posted by canavaro99 19th December, 2009
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this game pwns for a first game i mean look at mine:





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