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The Adventuring Man of the North
Author: Aden Submitted: 3rd January, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 194

Edited By Aden on 1/5/2010

Edited By Aden on 1/3/2010

The Adventuring man of the North started off as another custom movement engine and slowly developed into a game.
With lots of time put into this it is probably my best game yet with the ability to go back and forth from each frame in your stage, which is normaly 4.
This platformer has small puzzles and some hidden treasures. the aim of the game is to get as many points as you can for the highscores at the end there are only 3 stages but with 4-5 frames for each stage it isnt too short, the idea comes from indiana jones, but you will see that when you play it =P
This game also shows off Philips new Album which can be downloaded with higher sound quality here:

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 Man of the North.exe (6.90mb )

Posted by OMC 4th January, 2010

Hehe, this is quite entertaining. The sound effects made me chuckle. "AAAAAaaaahhhh..." The only thing I'd say I would change is the lack of any sort of coherency on the instructions page.
Posted by kksonwhowho 4th January, 2010
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Nice job!
Posted by Jon C-B 5th January, 2010
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Pretty good! Your definately getting better.I though the movement wasn't great, there seemed to be a delay when I jumped. The music and sound effects were nice though. It would have been cool if you added some enemies, or more obstacles like pits, spikes, a giant boulderg. But over all not bad at all!
Posted by Va1entine 5th January, 2010
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Possible bug: When you use the dinamite on level 3 and collect the jewel the game doesn't end is this a bug?

I was definitely impressed with "The Adventuring Man of the North" and it definitely had an Indiana Jones feel to it. My favorite part was in Level 1 when you have too find water for the wounded man. I think you should continue this formula for all Levels as like an end of stage link. Example: level 3 a man could be traped under the rubble and you have to save him by using the dinamite to complete that perticular stage or somthing along them line. Anywayz keep working on this project it has alot of potential! Can't wait too see what you do next!!!

Comment edited by Va1entine on 2/8/2010
Posted by 3kliksphilip 6th January, 2010
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I have watched as this project has progressed. Aden has been making this for months, playtesting and modifying things to make it better. I'm glad to see that the jumps now land you where you want to be, instead of in the water. Nice one, Aden. And thanks for having me in the credits for the music!

For improvements, I'd like more levels, and more to do in the levels. Is there actually any point in the high scores? Does it even display it when you've completed the game? Add enemies and more levels, or at least something else to do. I agree with Va1entine about most of the things.
Posted by thanimag 10th January, 2010
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The game was pretty decent. I'd agree with 3kliksphilip that it would be nice if there was more to do in the levels, but not bad at all. It's a little bizarre though how you can die but you won't lose any points, but the coins reset, making it so that you could get an infinite amount of points if you wanted to spend your time that way that is.
Posted by Vojtěch Matěna 8th February, 2010
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Great platformer, but I want more levels
Posted by James Luke 2nd October, 2010
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i liked the graphics and music and helping people its like spiro but your not a dragon well don





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