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The Ice Cave
Author: Aden Submitted: 5th January, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 51

Edited By Rikus on 1/22/2011

In this game you dodge icicles falling from the roof of the cave, there are 12 achievements to collect on your way. there 7 playable characters, and a two player mode.


all music by callum melvin

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Posted by Nick of All Trades 6th January, 2011

I cannot start the game!
Posted by Aden 6th January, 2011

really? what are you doing because "the game doesnt work" doesnt hlp me help you to help me help you
Comment edited by Aden on 1/6/2011
Posted by Mkingy 7th January, 2011

Worked for me.

Things I liked:

+ Achievements was a nice touch. Well implemented.

+Sound and Music. Apart from the sounds cutting each other off they were good. Good, suitable music.

Things to improve:

+Aesthetics of the game. I especially don't like the 3d boxes. The characters also didn't seem to have jump animations (well the alien didn't)

+Controls. I got stuck a couple of times, and couldn't jump. Then when I did jump I practically floated in the aim. I feel a game like this demands more gravity so you feel in more control.

+Gameplay. The ground rising really didn't make me change my strategy from what it would have been if this hadn't been a feature, however it was good to see you adding to the concept rather than creating something exactly like other 'dodge a projectile' style games.

+Title Screen. Needs the title of the game on it....

Posted by Nick of All Trades 7th January, 2011

Yes, I know exactly the reason I cannot start the game. That is why I haven't solved the problem.

I can open the game, and click on Achievements and Quit in the main menu, and most other functions. But it won't respond when I click on Start.
Comment edited by Reab on 1/7/2011
Posted by PotatoCannon 8th January, 2011

i thought it were a fun game = . But i think that the ''ice spikes'' where falling to fast after a while...





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